Gully Grinders Feb 17 - 49km Feb17 Local Hill climbs wrap up

Well for a hot day this one went pretty well. About 10 riders assembled for what was evidently our our 1 year anniversary ride and we set off into the cool of the morning for some hills.

It was a great morning for hills too.  The weather at 7.30 am was nearly perfect but we knew it would only get warmer as the morning progressed.. Anyway The burn along Grenfell Rd and Hancock Rd was easy riding and the pace was good till the traditional Perseverance Rd regroup.

Then it was climbing time, Ansteys seemed not too bad this morning as I shuffled along pretty much alone at the back. The Range Roads .. what a gem they are views both ways and next zero traffic today.
Even Snake Gully was quiet but doing it heading North is way easier than the version we did last week.

We had a well timed puncture regroup (just like when Gemma would offer with her blue tyres) then it was down Black Top Rd from One Tree Hill for Target Hill which quite a few of todays riders had not done before. Nobody even put afoot down and before long the ride was over and the temp was still only maybe 33 degrees.

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Ha, that spot at the top of Back Top Rd is cursed I tells you! Glad you all had a great ride, and it is fantastic to see the group still going a year after our first ride. Thanks again to Roger for taking over organising the group and for writing the ride reports.

another great ride.I love all the different roads we travel on and with little traffic to bother us as well is a bonus.

Nice ride report Roger.

I really enjoyed my first ride with the Gully Grinders crew, definitely some scenic views and worthwhile variance in the route today. Managed a PB on Ansteys too, so pretty happy with that and Target Hill Rd (my first time) wasn't as bad as I imagined.

Thanks to all who stayed back to help out when I had my puncture, another first for me and I am grateful for the assistance.

It had really started to warm up by the time I got home and I was relieved that the house was nice and cool. I then rehydrated, showered and hit the sack for a nice little (2 hour) nanna nap. Feeling very refreshed now but I expect I'll sleep well tonight.

Already looking forward to my next ride with the group! :-)


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