Gully Grinders - 58km Montecute Rd & Tippet Rd - Ride Report

About 10 riders assembled for our ride today through the local riverside hills. It was a great morning for hills too. The weather at 7.30 am was nearly perfect as we set off down Golden Way, Ladywood Rd. Lower NE Rd ..

We arrived at the Montecute Road which was quiet with signs as the climb began stating the road would be closed in a couple of hours for a cycling event ... Corkscrew had a similar situation going on as well … and then on the decent red hats further down and more signs and road blocking at Gorge Road as well. Later today the hills were going to be closed it seems. However for us, getting through early the riding was good on the quietened roads nearly devoid of cars and the constant crystal clear views of the river made the ride unique and memorable.

Tippet road is always a pleasure but today when it ended we came across every car and motorcycle that could not use the other hills roads making their impatient way up towards Kersbrook. This meant we did see a lot of traffic for about 5 km before pulling off the main road at Inglewood and making the way home via Houghton and Range Road North.

Thanks Long-time Gully Grinder stalwart Mr_Mapei making the time for a surprise appearance for coffee with his arm still in a sling.

thanks to Smurf for the ride pix .. 

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Really enjoyed the ride today - I've had such fun on two wheels this weekend !

Ah 'cmon guys...tell me you went UP the 'Screw first??

The universe was conspiring against me yesterday morning, so I missed the start of the ride, which is a shame, because this is one of my favourite hills circuits. Overnight power outage meant the alarm failed.... running late and not wanting to set a new Strava segment KOM up Wynn Vale Drive at such an early hour, I threw the bike in the car and turned the key... nothing. 

Accepting my fate, I had a lovely breakfast instead.  I'll see you all next Sunday instead (hopefully...)

with Gully Grinder attendances being like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates,

I've come to expect anything on Sunday mornings

but ...

I must admit I was a bit surprised when you didn't front up

Ha ha, I think it was an excuse to have brekky in bed Michael. Nah only joking, thought it was strange you didn't turn up what a bugga hey. You missed a good ride, very quiet roads especially going up Montecute rd but started to get quite busy through the chain of ponds, plenty of motor bikes.


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