Well wasn't that fun weather?......NOT

Headwind, sideways rain then more wind....great cross winds too!

I reckon i had a tailwind for less than five minutes on loop 1....

Was going to do both but the body said no...

I really appreciated the multiple people who used me as a wind break without returning the favour too! I think the record was someone sat behind a good twenty minutes....i even tried to get him to pass.

Looks like mini slam for me only now.....

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Did the draft look like this one?


Yep, that looks like it, I was just about to post a scanned version.



oh cool thanks I was in such  dazz I did not see it..

Looks tough :-)

All your stories make me feel a bit better about my single loop effort. (loop 2 I figured it would be a bit less miserable if I let the sun come up first)

First time at that distance and I'm just glad I made it.

Perhaps my odds of getting through the hundred are better than I thought.

 @ emily i think a 75 in those conditions would equal a 100 in good conditions and seeing as gs5 is late october you should do the 100 easy


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