I believe it was the Scuzzi ride, multiple riders hurt

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This is dreadful news... I hope they are all ok?  Are you sure it was a Scuzzi ride? I thought they rode Tuesday Nights..
OMG - that's not good. didn't hear anything on the news though, was this night ride or early morning ride
Hopefully twas just bike on bike action, no automobiles were involved and everyone is reasonably ok.
From a friend's facebook: "Massive crash tonight 10 plus down. At least 2 peoples bones are in trouble, ambo's in attendance. Including couple of bikes in half" - it was Scuzzi ride.
Yep, it was Scuzzi ride. Luckily Slammin and me stayed home last night. As far as I am aware no MV involvement.

This is terrible news. Thanks for letting us know.

They have a group on AC hereso some of them are members.

I agree, it is very bad news. The ride has become increasingly dangerous over the past few months with riders simply doing silly things all in the name of what? I can't comment on the specific incident as I wasn't there, but the mix of faster and slower riders is not a good one.

I hope that all concerned make a full recovery.

I was on the Scuzzi ride last night so I can make an informed comment or two.  I ride in the "slow" group but as it happens we were well in front on the way home last night and didn't see the accident ourselves.  But the riders who were involved arrived later at Scuzzi and told us what happened.

The lead group of a bunch of 15-20 fast (40km/h+) riders suddenly slowed, presumably because of an obstacle on the road.  (Not sure what though, it seemed OK when I went by a few minutes earlier.)  The next rider back (4th or 5th) clipped a wheel and went down, bringing down most of the rest in the process.  I believe three riders went to hospital with broken collarbones or similar.

As to the 12k bike, yes I saw that later.  A very nice all-carbon Kestrel which snapped clean through the down tube just forward of the bottom bracket, and more damage around the headset.  The rider was unhurt apart from a graze or two.

I hope everyone recovers OK and gets their bikes back in working order.
Thanks for posting JB - good to hear that there were no really serious injuries (other than to bikes).

Just got off the phone from someone that was involved in the crash (and crashed), they wrote off their helmet and rear derailleur. It was Kym from North Adelaide Cycle's Kestral that snapped. Someone else's bike (Giant) snapped in half at the down tube.  Multiple ambulances (broken bones) and water bottles and debris spread from the footpath right to the median - on Port Rd. Quite spectacular apparently...


They brought themselves down, no car involved.


Fortunately no vehicle (if any close by) ran over a cyclist laying on the ground.


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