Ok, this discussion forum is to vote for a group name and kit design. Listed below are what have been suggested previously - please vote for your preference and or make a suggestion. Votes will be tallied at the end of this Sunday and a name will be locked in. 

In terms of kit, I'm stoked that everyone seems very keen for this. I will just need someone to volunteer to organise this, as the time I have spare will be spent organising the Sunday rides.

So without further adieu:

Proposed names:

Gully Grinders


Golden Groovers

North East Cyclists / Road Riders / Peleton / Rangers / Rollers

Tea Tree Gully Grupetto


Tea Tree Trailblazers 

the Mod Squad (modbury)

Proposed kit designs (and colour schemes):

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Can we have something written on the collar e.g  North East Adelaide Cyclists ?   or   N.E.A.C ?

Yes, this is in the design.

+1 for Gully Grinders, Not sure about the Golden Grove ref as GG is just a suburb amongst many others in the area whereas TTG is the historic centre of the NE area so I would replace GG with 'N.E.Road Riders' or something more inclusive maybe.  Love the orange/black colour scheme and the Cranks design.  Good one!

And now for the matching bib shorts, black front and back with same colour orange side panels, Gully Grinders on the sides in black lettering over the orange?

Approaching somebody from behind and seeing Gully Grinders across the arse. Open to all sorts of dark humour.

This is a rough version, just thought id get it out there.  i could fix up the hills a bit, they looked better in my thumbnail sketch, and the crank could be more solid.. 

I just dont know when to stop!

The second, predominantly orange one is the go.

I reckon this is the one, It's smart & conspicously orange!

+1 for big pockets

Are we settled yet?

I've ordered some orange samples (Michael's  last version)  which should be about 10 days away. Trying for bigger pockets but can't be sure yet, but it's all controlled by the jersey size. Cheers

Hey Stig - you got too much spare time on your hands :)


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