Ok, this discussion forum is to vote for a group name and kit design. Listed below are what have been suggested previously - please vote for your preference and or make a suggestion. Votes will be tallied at the end of this Sunday and a name will be locked in. 

In terms of kit, I'm stoked that everyone seems very keen for this. I will just need someone to volunteer to organise this, as the time I have spare will be spent organising the Sunday rides.

So without further adieu:

Proposed names:

Gully Grinders


Golden Groovers

North East Cyclists / Road Riders / Peleton / Rangers / Rollers

Tea Tree Gully Grupetto


Tea Tree Trailblazers 

the Mod Squad (modbury)

Proposed kit designs (and colour schemes):

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Vote Gully Grinders. Like orange & black. ( OOskatel OOskadee ! ). Just like saying it LOL.

Gully Grinders. 

Kit, while both designs are excellent, I like the simplicity of the wheel with NE spoke. 

Gully Grinders and the orange kit.

Gully Grinders and orange jersey

One item i thought of that might be incorporated somewhere is a safety message, I like Heather's group


Gully Grinders in Black n Orange crank jersey (local TTG colours),looks awesome,count me in :)

My vote is for :
Gully Grinders
Orange & Black colour scheme with the crank logo. I really like Michael's jersey design, should only need very minor adjustments before production.
I like the idea of  having "North East Adelaide" instead of just the 2 suburbs(TTG & GG)  on the flanks - good idea whoever thought of that.

Gully Grinders with Michaels Black and Gold cranks design front and back, nice large pockets please.

I'm in for Gully Grinders with orange/black, other suggested additions need to be worked out. Agree with Clive on pockets.

Gully grinders, orange jersey

Gully Grinders (how could I go for anything else!)

I like the Crack in orange/black....can you make mine a compact crank!

I don't think we should put sponsors logo's on it, maybe just an Adelaide Cyclists logo/web address on the sleeves.

Try and use the same supplier as Gawler Wheelers - great value.

+1 for no sponsor logos. They were good and maybe even necessary to offset costs when jerseys were $100 or so. But sponsors come and go for various reasons, both amicable and not so. Promote the group and cycling in general, not a business that may not be with us in six months.


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