I know its election time and the promises flow thick and free... 

What are your thoughts on this idea? 


It seems a huge leap from complaining about bike lanes in the CBD to this ... But hey we can all dream. 

Jelly Beans for all----- vote for me !!!!

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Tell him he's dreaming.

Airy fairy pre election puff piece to make cyclist and small business feel good.

Great idea but only that.

Makes me feel good

Looks great, but very short on detail. Are they promising the trail or just the local "tourism loops"? (Though the latter would still be a great start).

As an aside, I'm highly skeptical of the claim "Recreational cyclists spend $447 per person per day compared with the average spend of an international tourist of $101 per day".

The conversation I heard on the radio was the full trail to Melbourne, he said he had talked with federal and Victorian Liberals. I didn't hear anything about local loops.

My thought was that a good start would be joining the gaps between trails/paths to connect Victor Harbor through McLaren Vale to the Barossa Valley, and on to the Clare Valley. That is not part of the route to Melbourne though.

An idea only. I don't know who falls for this lame electioneering BS?

$447 to spend each day when i'm away cycling? Last time i went away cycling we stayed in tent in the caravan park and brought most if our food!

Seems i'm lagging behind the bandwagon of luxury accommodation, daily degustations and massages that is now standard among our traveling fraternity.

This would be so awesome, but I don't believe it is anything more than an attempt to gain votes. Don't believe he will ever back it up with action.

It may be a bit of a pipe dream, but I've written a submission in "Share Your Ideas" to include Yorkes Peninsular.  I've ridden about 90% of Yorkes Peninsular (bikepacking), on my mountain bike and it has great potential. I've also included a safe off road trail from Adelaide to Port Wakefield. If you don't ask you won't get !   

I just love the spectacularly vague map on that page, looks like it's designed with helicopter travel in mind. And the Limestone Coast is a long way from the actual coast too. 1 out of 10 Mr. Marshall.

I assumed the "Limestone Coast" dot on the map represented the Naracoorte-Coonawarra-Penola area. Penola/Coonawarra already has a few loops mapped out in a brochure for tourists with bikes.

I kind of like the tourist potential of cycling across the barrages though - the map clearly shows the line passes between the coast and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert, rather than crossing at Wellington or Murray Bridge.

Coming from the UK, where major reservoirs are usually used for recreation (sailing kayaking, cycling, walking etc), I was gobsmacked that you can hardly get close to any South Australian water infrastructure when I arrived.  I can't see myself voting for the Libs because of many of their other policies and attitudes, but better access to reservoirs would be one consolation if they did get in.  I just don't see why it is so hard here.


I've read this proposal in as much detail as I can. It sounds as though most of the 'trail' will actually still be on the Great Ocean Road. Thanks but no thanks!

Why cycle to Melbourne anyway? An infinitely more economically beneficial, attractive and 'do-able' proposition would be to open up the old coast 'Coach Road' as a recreational bike trail between Seacliff and Delamere/Cape Jervis. It's still listed as Gov't reserve on the cadastral maps.

You can occasionally catch a glimpse of it as you drive down towards Mt Compass and Delamere, mostly when you see the coastal slopes silhouetted against the sky. It's all grassed over but you can still see it as a clear and definite notch in the side of the coastal hills! This would make a fantastic tourist bike route, totally separated from motor traffic and ending up at the KI ferry terminal at Cape Jervis! Imagine the possibilities...


> open up the old coast 'Coach Road'

Oh I really like the idea of that!!


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