Good luck to any of you riding the 200 on Sunday..looks like it's going to be a reasonable day..looking forward to it..route looks looks good..

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Just 100 for me. First time on an organised ride so I'm looking forward to it. If I can average 40 I might even be home in time to watch the start of Bathurst .... HAHAHAHA

Have a good one guys and girls this is what you have been working for since feb. Stay safe as you already would know these are well supported so stop at the stops to rest and have a chat the vollies do great work.It is a long day but well worth it when you see the end.I did my first in 2010 

me too...


rooky mistake boys but good luck -  I have no desire to ride 200km again! lol

@ patrick i am sure you will be fine just use the rest stops when needed take advantage of the decents for a breather.And keep fluids and all that have done the other 4 as well well done 

I called to ask about the rest stops actually. I said that I'd been reading the FAQ and understood that there'd be stops half way around but that "half way is a long way". The Bike SA guy laughed and indicated that, by the sounds of it, they'd purposefully designed the routes among small towns with extra amenities.

This is my second year of grand slams and I have to say the Bike SA team do a great job with the refreshment stops...etc...

I am staying at my Sister's farm at Mount Pleasant tonight then riding tomorrow!

Nothing organised as my Sister has been away!

Ditto, which one? There's the Totness and the Mount Pleasant!

Should be a breeze Mark after your recent adventure !!


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