Not a discussion post really, but to those who are riding GS5 , the 100 or 200kms on Sunday, have a great day.  The weather looks like its going to pretty good day for it.  Anyway if you see a guy in a Credit Union SA riding kit, its probably me!!  Say hello...Have a good ride..

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Lots of arms in slings yesterday!  I, like most people, had a moment at Sims Road too... you descend into the corner only to find the surface rutted with a fair covering of sand and stones.  It claimed quite a few!

I also rode past the accident on Deviation Road - the guy looked in a bad way, some fellow cyclists and motorcyclists had immobilised him and were trying to slow down traffic while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.  Those corners do become quite sharp, but when combined with exhaustion they become all that more difficult.

Hope all are OK!

Seems to me that a precourse inspection, perhaps on a motorcycle and this gravel would have been seen and could have been signposted if not swept.


Bloody hell Pete! Rest up & still smiling

You've now got that Arnie bicep you always wanted Pete!  Just need to work on the other one  :)

I think you made the right call to pull out.  Really wasn't your day today!

bandages make me sad.

God damn what a Grand Slam! Perfect weather, beautiful landscape and friendly riders. Some nasty chopped up bits of road. Not surprised there were a few falls. Pete, sorry to see your's was actually a bit more than a scratch! Hope the other casualties pull up ok.
I feel really good today considering that was my first 200. Slept well last night thou ;)

The Strath railway crossing claimed me yesterday but only sustained a sprained wrist and bruises everywhere. It is very hard to cross the tracks at 90 degrees when the traffic is heavy. I was taking extra care but still got caught, if your wheel drops into the hollow before the rail it can easily turn sharply and you come to a sudden stop and you are on the ground in a blink.

There was already a vicitm lying nearby as I approached so I slowed right down. Maybe I should have been going faster.

Maybe the council could look at improving the bitumen at the edges of the crossing. It certainly has claimed a lot of people over the years.

Yes, I think a bit of momentum helps. I saw a similar incident earlier in the year when a local was waiving us down in Lyndoch, because the rail crossing was wet and slippery. The guy in fornt of me took it very slowly, just to be extra careful. But as soon as his wheel was on the rail it just skidded sideways and down he went. So now I make sure I have a bit of speed up to get me across before the wheels have a chance to slide sideways very far. As far as big gaps between the rail and the bitumen, I reckon you wuld need a little momentum, PLUS a very firm grip on the bars, and tension in the arm and shoulder muscles, to prevent the wheel from being forced sideways by the rut.

I also was not able to improve the angle much because there was a car turning right just before the crossing, into our road, and angling to the right would have put me right into the path of the car. So tricky! Lucky I made it across OK.

A couple of weekends ago a small group of us road around the Flinders Ranges. There were lots of cattle grids. They look frightening at first. Like railway lines spaced about 10cm apart! Mounted over a big hole in the ground! But I reckon we all worked out that the faster you go over them the less it hurts, and the less risk the wheel will get wrenched sideways. (At least they are mounted square to the road, which is a big help.) With speed, the wheels don't get a chance to drop down between the rails. But on one occasion I stupidly stopped just before the cow grid to take off my sunnies. So when I started I was only crawling across. Ouch, ouch, ouch, .... Thump, thump, thump, . . . And scary!

a friend of mine came off at the crossing and ended up with a radial head fracture of his elbow.   Whenever I cross train tracks I lift the front wheel off the ground slightly as it crosses the track.  This works for me.. not sure it's for everyone though.  Wishing all those who were injured a speedy recovery.


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