Having two weeks off the bike due to a chest infection, I was a little unsure if I would ride today. 

I set out thinking I would just take it easy ( smell the roses ) and see how it goes...

Conditions were almost perfect for riding today, and many of my Gawler Wheeler and AC friends were at Mt Torrens ready to enjoy the day.  Before I knew it, we had zoomed around the almost flat course, and were enjoying sitting in the sun chatting about another Grand Slam completed.

How was your ride today ?

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Hi Pete, was a great ride and perfect condition. Was the second ride on my new bike, which I only picked up Friday.  Loop 1 - I caught up with the leading group (5 riders) and ended up coming 2nd.  Then was in the first group to head out on loop 2 with two other riders, we rode together full length and I ended up coming first - did 2:45.  Blown away with the new bike, would never have thought it would make such a difference. 

New 'bling' will do that ! Nothing could stop me when I first upgraded my steed :)

One of the best things about getting a new bike, is finding that you just want to get out and ride. I am now doing at least 200km/month extra, and feel like I could do a whole lot more. Just need more hours in the day to do so...

Your new Fondriest looks fabulous. Enjoy !


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