I haven't bothered using my camera for months now, because it is such a faff keeping it charged and removing it every time I lock the bike up, which is a lot. Also, I've been disappointed by the disinterest from SAPOL when trying to report close passes.

Anyway a fool passed me so closely on Military Road that I almost had to fend off his car. Luckily it wasn't too fast as I was riding where concrete traffic control structures made the lanes thin, but this bloke wasn't prepared to wait and overtook where there was just no room. Couldn't wait two seconds for me to clear the bottleneck.

I'm going to start using the camera again, If I record the sort of incident I had today and the police aren't interested, I'll probably go to Minister.

I've had enough. Too many cyclists are being killed and I don't feel that this is causing much concern. I wonder what the threshold number of dead cyclists is, where government and law enforcement start to push for serious changes to driver behaviour? I'm really disappointed too, because I have considered that the general motorist behaviour on Military Road to be pretty good. This bloke ruined it.

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I've had a lot less incidents lately due to improved motorist behaviour and being very selective with the roads and suburbs I ride through.

Yes, I understand about being selective. Over the years on this site, I have read the views of others who say that if it is a public road, then cyclists should be able to use it. I have agreed in principle  but have now accepted that some are just too dangerous to risk life and limb and I avoid them. The other thing which has changed for me is the realisation that so many drivers are on amphetamines and could be completely irrational if enraged by a cyclist they perceive to be slowing their progress. I don't always "take the lane" with confidence in every situation as I used to.

Simpson, my utility cycling also involves lots of stops with short rides in between.

I started a discussion of ‘which camera?’ www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/which-camera

Thanks Heather. I've have not been on this site for a while. Distracted by a bug that is going around. I'll check the other thread.


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