Was told to "keep left" and "share the road" at the bottom of the Windy Point descent

The problem with the "share the road" message is that everyone thinks it applies to everyone else first. They may as well think it means "out of my way".

As far as "keep left" ... exactly what point is he trying to make? I'm just following at the same speed as the car in front of me. Does he think it would be smart for me to pull over and wave everyone through? Why didn't the car in front pull over and wave me through? Oh wait, I don't actually expect the guy in front to do that, I can just exercise patience like a normal human.

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As a general rule, advice it worth exactly what you pay for it. Unsolicited, gratuitous advice is worthless. That said, there are people, even on this site, who believe that you should be on, or even left of, the fog line at all times and under all circumstances. They will argue that you are giving cyclists a bad name and there is no reasoning with them.

I had a lovely ride in to work this morning, the biggest issue was that the 25 km/h sign for the second (of five!) lots of roadworks was partially in the bike lane.

I did wonder what the etiquette would be for a bike arriving (downhill) at the back of a queue of cars stopped by the roadworks paddlepop man. There was plenty of space to slip down the left side, but it became a non-issue as the queue started moving as I was pondering, and I just joined the line of traffic at 25km/h in what is usually the uphill lane. I just hope the  "intersection improvements" don't make it worse for uphill cyclists.

I hear you. There are 20 other cars in front of you. Where are they going to get any faster by you moving over?

Relax, have a homebrew!

Beers are on Gus! Woot! ;) 

As the video shows, there was no capacity to pass anyway and you could not have gone much faster without risking ploughing in to the rear of the car in front if it stopped quickly (like for a reversing truck!). As you point out, he was five back. He probably assumed that the train of cars was being impeded by the cyclist when in fact the speed is pretty much set by the car in front.

Well done for explaining the facts in a calm manner, avoiding anger and swearing etc. He at least appeared to avoid aggression and abuse. This is far more effective for persuasion than an argument or tirade. I've had similar comments when riding in the lane on main roads without bike lanes. You probably educated him a little or at least prompted him to re-think the situation, from the perspective of a cyclist as well as a motorist. Both parties considering the other is true road sharing.

BTW, I like your efforts to improve relations by bumping the bike out of the way at lights for left turning cars. I've found this is really appreciated by a lot of motorists.

I don't think I educated him, but I was pretty pleased that he didn't do a "punishment pass" on either of the two occasions he went past me soon after.

"BTW, I like your efforts to improve relations by bumping the bike out of the way at lights for left turning cars. I've found this is really appreciated by a lot of motorists."

Since it's a left turn lane, by law he shouldn't be in it anyway, should he?

Anyway, exemplary riding all around.

Good take-down! :) 

I wonder if the sign is a hangover from the no-riding-on-footpaths days. Today, what a less confident rider should do is use the pedestrian lights, then ride on the footpath on the left on the other side of the lights. There's no need for a bicycle to be in the left lane (unless it's turning, of course).

As a cyclist in this scenario I would commonly ride up the left turn lane if it is clear, so I guess the sign makes it legal.

Yes, mainly happens when the lane is left turn or straight ahead. I find I can bump over when going straight, to let the left turners go on the green arrow.

He is ill informed, and your riding was spot on, as you know. 

I don't think we get any traction trying to reason with wannabe boss men/women like this. They lack understanding, they often don't actually know the rules, and it all translates to 'get out of my way'. Notably they don't pick on anyone their own size - eg another car.

Best ignored if you can. 

Just another self centred illogically thinking person - sigh.


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