I got hit by a car this morning as I was riding to work (I'm ok). As I was riding along Montecute Road towards town in the bike lane this turkey who was along side of me just turned into a driveway without looking. Luckily I was slowing down and I was able to turn my bike and I hit his car with my right arm. At this this point I questioned his parentage (called him a f...ing bastard) and advised him that he was below average intelligence (called him an idiot). He claimed that I was in his blindspot to which I replied "don't turn if you can't see."

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God... this is a bad day! Glad to hear you are well of course. Did you come off?


Mark not a good day today, glad you are ok though
Thanks Friend
Hope you and the bike are ok. Can't have another avanti all scratched up!
In reckognising you are of above average size Mark this man must have had one hell of a blind spot :) lol

You're telling me, I he might have skid-marked his pants when he saw this big bloke yelling at him LOL.

Glad it wasn't worst - I went over the hood, erm, bonnet, years ago when that happened to me. Good an ya for keeping sharp and rolling though unscathed.

Hi Mark,

I too got hit by a car yesterday morning on my way to work on the roundabout intersecting Church Tce and Burlington St at Walkerville. The lady didn't give way to me when I was on the roundabout. Luckily her front left bumper only just scuffed/clipped my back tyre. I didn't come off and surprisingly there was no damage at all to my bike. Close call, if either of us had been travelling slightly slower/faster it could have been a very different outcome.

It got me thinking though.... if I had fallen & tore a hole in my bike shorts/top how would I have managed?? Does anyone carry a spare set of clothes with them for "just in case" mishaps.

With big guns like yours I am sure your right arm would have left an nice impression on the car :) take care and keep spinning those wheels.
Seems to be some bad karma in the air..  I also had a small encounter with another car a couple of days ago (I was actually driving in this instance). He turned into his driveway right in front of me (a bloody great Jeep!!) - says he was blinded by the sun which was setting behind me...  not too much damage, but had I been on the bike.....

"bad karma" its called Clipsal 500. I almost got taken out twice in quick succession on Pultney Street this morning. All the traffic diversions = big traffic jams = driver impatience. Clipsal might be good for tourism but its very bad for driver patience/tolerance.

lol I was yelled at by a ute driver yesterday as I was cycling along montecute towards the city, he was heading out on other side of road. I was in the bike lane and no  other cars around and he shouted mother F%^&er at me?? Does this make me a lesbian?? Cos really I had no idea!


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