Another Friday afternoon, really I should learn to stay off Marion Road at this time. While I was heading north up Marion Road and was outside the Caltex service station (opposite the Marion Hotel) when a white hatchback sedan pulled up along side of me and the front passenger who was a young lad with dark hair leaned out the window and hit me hard on the butt with his hand. The surprise of the attack and the impact almost caused me to fall off the bike. 

I was lucky this time as I got a real good look at the registration plate and ran inside the service station and got the attendant to write down the registration. I have since been to the Sturt Police Station and reported this assault. 

The police will make further inquiries about this and will contact me later. I will keep you all updated with the outcome. Reporting these sort of incidents is important as it makes the police aware that they are happening and will hopefully be taken seriously when they do occur. 

Even after an hour and a half my backside is still stinging somewhat....but that is the disadvantage of losing so much fat and now having a skinny butt. Up until time of the incident which was around 450 pm I was very happy enjoying a good day out on the bike, now these young lads have somewhat spoiled an otherwise excellent day and made me more wary about riding along Marion Road near where I live.

Everybody take care out there and look after each other. These sort of attacks tend to happen to individual cyclists on their own. 

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Not good Rob... Your description matches the vehicle and young thug that hit me... Can you share the rego number so I can add this to the report I filed?

Yes Bec, your incident did cross my mind at the time so I was dead keen to get the registration plate number and description of the lad that leaned out the window to hit me. 

When the police get back to me I will ask for the report number.

If your butt is sore I'll bet he's got a sore hand.

Glad you are ok Rob. Yes i agree with the reporting.

'...but that is the disadvantage of losing so much fat and now having a skinny butt.'

I was going to say this means you have a tight butt!!!

betch that young lad has a fat arse!

Must be cos your arse is looking so hot now  Chewie :)
He probably thought I was a tall skinny latte lady :)

If you develop bruising then get some photos. (No need to post them!)

It's only a matter of time before this idiotic behaviour results in an injury.

Good that you got the rego ...DICKHEADS I am sorry to lower my self but hey that is the case. Hopefully they will be delt with !!


@ Juz,I really had a nice day out on my all time favorite road - Kangarilla Road...I love this one as it is nice to ride (but can be hazardous at times) but the scenery is worth the trouble of a few motor vehicles. I have ridden this road countless times with Blackwood Mega Bike so it has an emotional attachment...(yeah, Im a road Stalker)LOL. Gillian is always fantastic to ride with  and she doesnt mind a few hills either. She didnt care when we got lost around a few wineries (lol). Eventually found our way home...nicest day with the weather too (Angus we want smileys mate :)
If it was outside the Caltex, I wonder if any of there security footage would have picked it up.

I would be surprised if the cameras there would as they point towards the bowsers for drive offs - Got the rego anyway so the registered owner of the motor vehicle will be getting a phone call from SAPOL to ask them who was in the front passenger seat


Did you throw that hamburger back at him Rob ?


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