Hi everyone,

I started cycling a few months ago and recently I decided to try some interval training because of lack of time. It really seems to be giving me the same result in a shorter ride but I really can't find any good roads to do them on eg. quiet, reasonably flat with long stretches without stops.

I was wondering if you guys could share and good roads for intervals.

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I guess the answer depends on where you live. 

Adelaide's popular flat ride with minimal stops is the run up the coast from Glenelg to Outer Harbour which is about 50k return trip. There are only 2 traffic light intersections and a handful of roundabouts. A section of that ride is ideal for timing short sprints, but obviously it's not time effective unless you live nearby.

If you're in the East, I'd choose a short hill and ride repeats. It could be as short as a few hundred metres, or maybe one short section of a longer climb like the Old Freeway. Hit it as hard as you can (OK, maybe at 90%), coast back down and go again. Repeat until you can't.. 

I think riding up the coast will be the best bet for me as I live near Marion and don't want to go up to Montague or Notron Summit. I do live a stones throw from the Southern Expressway so that could work too, although I have only ever used it as a gateway to the hills in the southeast.

Thanks for the reply!

Marion- Alright! perfect for the Veloway along the expressway. You're safely off-road (just keep left because the descending bikes are fast) The opening climb from behind the New India Market up to Majors Rd is a tough workout. But if you're just starting out, there's no need to go all the way up to Majors. Climb for a set time - maybe 5 minutes- then roll back down. Challenge yourself to go a bit further the second time

"aware of your surroundings if there are others using the oval or track"

Couldn't agree more, there is something alluring it seems with trying to hit a cyclist with a football as they ride past. I've even had a footy "accidentally" drop down from the clubroom balcony as I went past. Normal road rules apply, ride defensively and with awareness, but otherwise this is a great option.

The Stuart O'Grady Bikeway along the Northern Expressway has long flat sections with minimal interruptions.

I think the lower part of Montacute Rd Climb is good, from Maryvale Rd to the postbox. Or Waterfall Gully Rd is popular too. Both have a gentle gradient and low traffic.

Intervals can be highly effective. I use Greenhill Rd. Certainly not flat but consistent grade.

An option when cold, wet or limited time is to set your bike up for stationary training.
There is an AC group to discuss this.

If you're willing to go into town, the obvious choice is Victoria Park.

Is it open to the public all hours or are there set times we can use it?

Kaushik are you at all interested in interval hills riding aswell as flats?
If so the mountain goat cyclist can give you plenty of options


Down in Marion, you've got some pretty sweet short hills for interval training. As snappy mentioned, there is the veloway, but also try the southern end of Morphett Road and some of the adjacent roads such as Braeside Ave. These are pretty steep and generally quiet.


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