I don't know if this will interest anyone but having a modest road bike which I use for recreation and transport, I tend to look for value and reliability over performance when it comes to parts.

I've had a Maxxis Refuse on the front and it has done 8000 K. I'm going to put it on the back because it's got some small cuts in the tread but it will probably go a lot longer.

I got 9000K from my last Gator Skin which I ran on the back for its whole life. It would have gone longer but I completely destroyed the tread in one spot trying to avoid a prang when a car turned across me. I had a work commitment I had to get to and amazingly it let me ride about another 50 ks on the protective belt underneath to get there and home again with no problem.

From what I hear from others, my experience getting a lot more punctures in the back than the front is pretty typical. Nevertheless I have been very impressed by the puncture resistance from the Maxxis. I think I would have had about a 1:5 puncture ratio compared with the Gatorskin.

The Gatorskin was good but it cost about 50% more than what I paid for the Maxxis. It still had a lot of punctures however, mainly three corner jacks.

My main issue is that where I ride in the city and suburbs, there is broken glass everywhere. I think this is the cause of some mystery punctures where I can't find anything in the tyre despite the hole in the tube. The worst thing is that it tends to cut the tread even if it doesn't puncture. 

The Maxxis I have on there now is a folding style but I thought I would try a cheaper wire bead type and picked one up at 99 bikes for $25.00 which I think is amazing value. The folding type is only about $36.00.

I'm sure cyclists who prefer performance would identify genuine advantages from high end tyres but I'm going to give this cheapy a try and see how it goes. I expect that it might be slow but I'm not fast anyway.


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Sounds like the Refuse is working for you and ive heard they're a pretty decent tyre.

I went thru a stage of trying various tyres and was frustrated with the longevity of many - mosty retired due to cuts well before wearing out.

Have long since stuck with folding Vittoria Rubino Pro's. Certainly not a 'budget' tyre but ive never bought one locally as they regularly go for around $30 from CCR. I still have to retire 30% of tyres due to cuts (mainly rear), perhaps being overly conservative but i rarely puncture more than once a year.

yeah that's the ones. Tho tho new G+ had me scratching my head as to wtf was what.

Ordered 3 from CCR, they never send them but gave me a refund. I gather they had a stock error. So was free delivery for my IsoGels but i still want some spare tyres!

yes CRC! Just spent over $600 on a bike rack at 99Bikes...guess their marketing is s**t of i didnt know those tyres were $38.

Currently $36.49 from CRC so local is an easy choice there!

I switched up to 25mm tyres last year, currently riding on Continental Grandprix and I have a set of Vittoria for back-up.

But I still have the 23mm, for sale if anyone wants them. Name your price. 


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