Does anyone else have a problem with buses pulling out in front of them?

When I'm driving and I see a bus with its indicator on I ease off the car a let the bus in and when riding if the indicators on I wait on the left of the bus.

My problem is when there's no indicator, I head around the bus (on the right) and from the time I pass the back wheel the indicator has gone on and the bus proceeds to push me into the next lane or onto the wrong side of the road.

But the bus drivers believe I am in the wrong.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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All I can suggest is overtake wide.

I have managed to work out a commute route which almost entirely avoids bus routes. But back when I didn't, I remember I always made a point of overtaking a bus as widely as possible, or waiting behind it. What this usually meant is that I would only overtake if there was a gap in the traffic (i.e. no traffic coming up close behind me); so I could at least partly use the 2nd-from-left lane. (Unless I was really sure the bus was not going to pull out soon).

Yep - I've had that same problem, not recently but exactly the same.

I'd suggest it is the driver just not realizing how quick a cyclist can be (or perhaps just bloodied mindedness) and pulling out. A bit like as in round-abouts when the cyclist has right of way on the straight through, we sure can fly through with-out any slow down!

As PeterB suggests - I too give  big wide berth on the overtake when ever possible. But then I have had the unpleasant experience of cars behind hassling me for being wide on the road, I will note, I did not "get in their way". I was not polite in my response...


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