Went for a ride today - such a beautiful day to do it!! Said hello to the swans down the Torrens and popped into the LBS to pick up a pair of BBB sunnies. The one downfall of my day is that some crazy guy in a white van didn't bloomin well give me a metre and nearly knocked me off as he zoomed past, thank God for my awesome ninja reflexes which came in handy! ;) I wish I could've got his number plate to report him but he was dodging through traffic so he was out of view!
The lesson here folks is to please share the road and give bike riders a metre. We just want to exercise and enjoy being outside. We'll do our part and wear high vis clothing and hand signal.


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I've had a bus glance my elbow as it passed me.

I had a terrible day with close passers on Monday, which led to some very uncharitable thoughts. For example if you pass someone really close and you have a sticker on your car that says "Babe on board", you had better be one not a pudgy middle aged woman with a bad spiral perm and too much makeup.

An open letter to the bloke who yelled at me for nearly killing me.


Dear high-vis wearing, four wheel drive driving, fat sod that almost knocked me off after he "merged" into the bike lane (down a hill so I was doing 50+) and then hurled abuse at me after I shook my head,


Maybe if you tried a little harder at school you might have learned a little more about the way roads work?


Much love,


The problem I see with the 1m campaign is that at high speed viz 80kph or greater a 1m is not enough, from memory it needs to be about 1.5m.

Perhaps " at least a metre matters" or more positively stated " share greater than a metre" or similar.

Add to the black list: Young ****heads in V8 utes, who have sadly reached the 'guilty unless proven innocent', status.

They've often forced me to use very clear hand signals, but not many you'd find in the road rules.

I swear its a game to some of them. They love spooking us or seeing how close they can get. 

Ive just come back from Franch where these signs were all over the place thru the alps and pyrennes. The govt and local councils should put up lotsof signs like these. In France I had cars driving onto the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic just to make sure they gave me enough room when overtaking. Amazing courtesy by considerate drivers.

Welcome back Ricky.

We'd love to read all about your trip in an extended blog/ ride report!

Better driver education and acceptance of the responsibility that goes with operating a vehicle in Europe Ricky.

We are ten to twenty years behind the rest of the world with both attitudes and infrastructure unfortunately.

Hopefully one day SA will bite the bullet and set a standard for the rest of Australia.

I have added under the group Look For Cyclists some links to cycling incidents reported on AC.
An invite to join this group and post incidents and your own experiences.



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