Went for a ride today - such a beautiful day to do it!! Said hello to the swans down the Torrens and popped into the LBS to pick up a pair of BBB sunnies. The one downfall of my day is that some crazy guy in a white van didn't bloomin well give me a metre and nearly knocked me off as he zoomed past, thank God for my awesome ninja reflexes which came in handy! ;) I wish I could've got his number plate to report him but he was dodging through traffic so he was out of view!
The lesson here folks is to please share the road and give bike riders a metre. We just want to exercise and enjoy being outside. We'll do our part and wear high vis clothing and hand signal.


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Three weeks ago  - bus at Tea tree plaza going into the interchange - room for one of any sort of road user. 10 k zone. You guessed it - bus decides to overtake me on the bike. Hmmmmmmm ..... into the back wheels of the articulated bus or ditch it on the footpath??? Decision - yeh the pavement felt soft in comparison. When I ditched, my Garmin said 22km/h so the bus was doing at least 25kmh. Yes in a 10 zone. Got the number and reported it to both the police and ops manager at the bus depot.

Good job to report it. We must do that more often if you have the time to get the details. All car drivers should be made to ride a bike for a day in peak hour traffic to understand what it is like to nearly be taken out.

I'll take the (2) demerit points but keep my life. Wonder if the bus driver will accept the (4) demerit points. He actually told his ops manager that he did not see me. DER - red shirt / bike with flashing light / 185 cms DER.

If his vision is that poor, his manager should send him for vision tests.  If instead his concentration is the problem, his manager should go through a proper disciplinary process with him. 

totally agree with this, just on the weekend on a group ride through some relatively isolated hills some DH come past us about 80kmh nearly clipping the guy just behind me... i'm a cyclist aware driver.

Share the road people.

I was riding along Kangarilla Rd today b/w Wickhams and Baker's Gully roads. Red flashing light on, bright pink top on. I hear and see a truck coming up behind. Nothing coming the other direction on a straight stretch but I instinctively hugged the white line on the edge anyway. Just as well because this complete tool didn't have his right wheels anywhere near the centre dotted line when he passed, which I duly noted as I wobbled off onto the dirt and stopped - no reaction from the tool in question at that point. It was an articulated truck and as the main section went past I decided not to take a chance with the 2nd half. Didn't get the rego due to sheer shock but painted in big letters on the back of the truck was GARDEN GROVE.

Now to find the phone book.....

Glad to hear you are alright Gillian after that near miss. Take care out there as lots of nobs on the road who dont care and are basically selfish road users.

Yes, I did point out to the guy on the phone that life will remain unchanged for 2 families tonight, but it could have been so much different...........

Dorky mirror gets an extra special polish tonight :-)  One of the 101 reasons to have one is that you get extra visual input and time to determine who might just be a thoughtless tool approaching from behind. I have to say that everyone else out there today was very cyclist friendly :-) Adds to my pink jersey theory.

Good news! Just spoke to a very polite gentleman at Garden Grove who seemed to genuinely take me very seriously. I detailed my complaint and was informed that they pride themselves on their reputation (including on-road behaviour) and the matter will most definitely be dealt with.

Feel free to use Garden Grove landscape and garden supplies :-)

That tool is probably from the same shallow end as the truck driver I had to contend with on Cross Rd on my way down from the bollards this arvo.

He seemed to think that it was a bit of fun to drive with his outer left wheel in the bike lane when he went past, he would then resume his lane normally again until he was slowed and I was going past  when I could see him looking in his mirror and edging left again. I just pretended that I didn't notice what he was doing.

This exercise repeated itself three times until he got left behind in the traffic at Goodwood Rd.

What is going on in the tiny brain of these idiots, they must lead a charming home and social life if that is an indication of their behaviour.

It is indeed a very shallow pond with often repeated genetic material in the green algae.

Did you get the rego because your tool wasn't just irresponsible but had obvious malicious intent? Deserves to be in the dole queue next week.

Yes he did. It was one of those articulated numbers. Ring Garden Grove 8251 1111 and ask to speak to someone re their truckies. I spoke to a guy called Steve who seemed to be genuinely concerned and was not at all patronising.


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