Went for a ride today - such a beautiful day to do it!! Said hello to the swans down the Torrens and popped into the LBS to pick up a pair of BBB sunnies. The one downfall of my day is that some crazy guy in a white van didn't bloomin well give me a metre and nearly knocked me off as he zoomed past, thank God for my awesome ninja reflexes which came in handy! ;) I wish I could've got his number plate to report him but he was dodging through traffic so he was out of view!
The lesson here folks is to please share the road and give bike riders a metre. We just want to exercise and enjoy being outside. We'll do our part and wear high vis clothing and hand signal.


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Gillian, truth be told I suspect that the fame of your non green fingers has spread and they were truly afaraid that you might visit them and put a permanent curse on their nursery.

Ahh Clive. So nice to know that you care. I'm fine thanks :-)

The deck is fantastic and would you believe, there's green stuff growing underneath it!


Can you smoke it

No!!!  But after today's ride I might have to give it a go ;-)

Now don't you go destroying my reputation. I've led a sheltered life :-)

Riding up North East Road of a morning, I am constantly shocked at the speed that the Garden Grove trucks travel - having said that I have never felt like they were too close, just way too fast.


As much as I hate to do the "and another thing" thing: And another thing - why is every bloody truck a double these days? Those guys seem to have very little concept of where that 2nd trailer ends. There must be some sort of a study being done into this.

Don't worry. If they legalise the triples soon we will look fondly back on the doubles !


It is lunacy. If they want to be trains they should be on rails.

Articulated buses are banned in London as they were found to be too dangerous - 18 metres long.

Just a thought whilst I was riding to work this morning. Shouldn't all PROFESSIONAL drivers experience the vunerabilty of cycling as part of their training? (Say 10 hours on a bike on the routes they take? Would it make them more cogniscent of other road users? The reason I say this is because I have noticed an incredible difference in the way city buses, mainly out of Richmond depot, treat cyclists. They seem to be really aware of other road users. This does not seem to be reflected in the drivers out of the St Agnes depot. As a lot of the city bus drivers encounter cyclists on a more frequent basis, I wonder if this plays a part in forming attitudes?

I think that company,  might have been the ones that caused  friends hassle a few months back. I could be wrong..... but ..... They, driving with kids,  had a minor bingle with a truck, minor damage no one hurt. My  friends were at fault  - but  the driver said,   property damage only, minor, swap names,  no need to call the cops.  [this is legit if no one is hurt and damage minor,]  So they swapped addresses, then left.

Two days later, my friend answered a knock on the door ..  2 police. Police asked if my friend was the person who had been involved in a crash .. friend said yes, wondering what they wanted... Police immidiately slapped on her an expiation notice of several hundred for  a traffic offence. Presumably based on the driver's own unsubstantiated allegations, as my friends said there was no one inthe cab except him.  

  Whichever company it was, their behaviour was disgraceful.  By getting my friend  to agree not to call the cops at the time - the driver avoided being breath tested and scrutinised.   The driver then went back on his word and called the police on them. Spiteful, as it is not necessary, and the driver gains no advantage from it - he already has all he needs to remedy the damage.    

Now, I need to point out again, I dont remember the company name. All I recall,  is it was a well known gardening / sand supplier from Golden Grove area. However,  if  anyone else had close encounters with gardening  /  sand & metal company trucks from Golden Grove - specially ones with green and gold lettering on the truck - be interested to hear.  

It amazes me how far they go, South East for wood chip, Barossa for gypsum, Sedan for ???, they are big and fast and scary.

I had a bus literally come into contact with me when I was stopped at the lights today in North Adelaide. Looking to report it.


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