I have a 36V 17.5Ah battery to give away. The charging port has been damaged but the cells are still good. I haven't opened it up but it was advertised as using Samsung cells.

I bought the battery from an Australian online supplier. On the third recharge, when I went to remove the charger, it shorted at the charging port. The female charging port and the male coaxial (barrel) connector were covered in carbon and clearly damaged. The battery however still worked fine and I used it until the replacement arrived.

The company I bought it from replaced the battery and said they would contact me about returning the damaged battery and charger, but never did. This was in late July.

As it's been 3 months, anyone who wants to try and repair the battery or salvage it for parts is welcome to it.

Collection is preferably from the CBD during normal business hours, or after hours from Goodwood.

The replacement battery has been rock solid.

I would like to see the damaged battery put to use rather than going to waste.

The attached picture of the style of battery.


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Hi Mark,

I would be quite keen to have it as it is a little larger than the one on my bike and I can't do my hills riding without an e-bike.

Cheers, Jilden

Excellent. All yours.


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