Give away - almost 20 years of Australian Cyclist and Pedal Update magazines

I am doing a cleanout at my place and I have a large collection of back issues Australian Cyclist and Pedal Update (BISA magazine) to give away.

The collection spans from 1993/4 to present, with the odd one or two missing but a few doubles too. There are also some big gaps from 2009/10 to present.

Please let me know if you want them!

A photo of the magazines is attached

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Hi Dave, Any chance of getting an autograph from the man responsible for the placement of the cyclist activated traffic lights and cyclist phase crossing on Bower Road/Causeway Rd intersection, Ethleton - a legendary piece of cycling infrastructure, admired and utilised by many.

Hello David I'm always happy to give out my autograph to anyone who wants it!

Yes that refuge and cyclist push-button at the traffic lights were a great achievement - not of mine though but of the mighty Port Adelaide Bicycle Users Group.


Id be interested in the give away
If you could message me with a location id be glad to take them.

Great. I've sent you a message with my contact details.


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