Heather, this is a new spin on the term 'bicycle crash', I think David Southern didn't like my last addition to WITWIMB.

If anyone needs some bike repairs, please consider supporting these guys...

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“I opened up the car door and the elderly gentleman was there with his foot still flat to the floor,”

re: foot still flat to the floor...That could just be shock?(If I'm being kind) 

At what age do they start annual health checks to keep your licence?

This driver's family and GP have failed the community by enabling the driver and not having the 'difficult conversation' about "perhaps you're not fit to drive?" Thank goodness nobody was hurt or killed. 

Probably true. But we never talk about raising the minimum driving age every time a young person drives into a house (or worse).

good thing i don't set foot in that store after all the repeated lies, warranty claim refusals, arrogant staff etc.

not my experience, they have been very friendly and helpful on the two occasions I was there, and will head in there again for some new inners as I had two flats on my last ride.

I have been treated very well there. On one occasion, was so impressed with a mechanic looking at my bike (well out of warranty) after I asked a question. He checked my front wheel bearings to make sure ok, taking time to answer other questions and then didn't charge a cent. I then bought a heap of stuff that I hadn't really gone in there for because I appreciated his time and attention. Great employee.

[[My mention of it being "my bike" in my latest WITWIMB was not intended as a slight on you, Wayne.  The reference was because this particular machine has not appeared before, whereas my other 3 bikes have, multiple times.]]

Holy madooly! Glad no one was hurt!

So on the news last night they said they would be trading today.

I had booked my bike in for a service at 9.00 this morning (first time I have used them) but when I rocked up it was boarded up ,no lights , no signs.

I received a voicemail at 11.00 saying they would not be able to service my bike today (Der!) and would be closed indefinitely.

It will be a test of their customer service as to what happens next.

As mentioned I needed some new tubes. I was going to give them a call to check if open, but I was close enough just to pop over. Got there around lunch and there was a note on the door, closed until further notice. I went to megabikr for my tubes, but that doesn't mean I won't go back to Giant.

They probably shouldn't have said they'd be open, but any small business is going to struggle to give a perfect response under these circumstances.

The store manager is probably an optimist but would have no say over running a damaged store before being fully assessed. Their insurance would not cover them opening with damaged electrical fittings and probably glass fragments all over the place.


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