A few of us are looking to set up a Ghost Ride/Ride of Silence in November this year, but I don't want to start to organise something if there is something similar organised in Adelaide.

I've not been able to find any recent reference to anything similar in Adelaide.

Anyone know if there is?

If not, watch this space and I'll post further info and a date when I can. 

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There was the one that Dahon Dude was heavily involved in some years ago following the death of a cyclist at the intersection of Cross Road and Anzac Highway it was probably the biggest one ever. BISA have organised a couple but not for some years. Another one on Kennsington Road soon after the Cross road one. I believe there is an annual one up the freeway in memory of  a cyclist who passed away some weeks after colliding with a roo on the downhill (shame on me that I can't remember his name) and it may be in November, a fairly small ride I believe and current members of AC do ride it. And there was another one on the Port Ad Expressway some years ago.

For a short while ghost bikes (old clunkers resprayed completely white) were chained to stobie poles where and when ever a fatal cyclist incident occured.


Clive, I remember the ride you are referring to.  It was called "Ride of Respect" in April 2010 one  week after a fatal accident that killed Simon Whitely on that corner. Only a few weeks afterwards BISA held the 'Ride of Silence' in May 2010.  I went to both of those rides. I heard about AC only because of Dahon Dude's interview on 891 prior to that initial ride.  It was huge - there were many hundreds of cyclists there. 

Ian, I think it's a good idea to do it again - perhaps ask BISA if they are planning any repeat?  We shouldn't wait for another fatality to prompt this sort of thing.

Good suggestion Shane

I'll follow them up this week

Ask anyone I would be no good on this ride.


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