Hi all,

I am trying to set up an initiative under ghostbikes.org to raise awareness for cyclists killed on South Australian roads. I have created a Facebook page to this end.

Ghost bikes are white-painted bikes placed where a cyclist has passed to raise awareness and to honour the fallen.

If you could help by donating bicycles, components, or time by checking on bikes that are out in the community, please message me on here or, preferably, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GhostBikesSA/.

Thanks in advance guys.


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Below are a few of several links found online.

To discourage petty theft, get an old bike of little value and remove the tyres. Perhaps you can find an old bike from kerbside recycling. Or an organisation that recycles second-hand donated bikes, when a bike is not worth refurbishing.

I saw on your webpage a sample bike, but lacking elementary details like cyclist’s name, birthdate and crash date.
DPTI also likes the phone number of a contact person, if an authority wants the memorial moved.
Note that a local council or DPTI might remove a ghost bike because it is creating an obstruction, or council wants to tidy the footpath.

Roadside Memorials
Published by DPTI on 19-Jan-2016
This document has been approved and authorised for use by Councils, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and its authorised agents.

Ghost Bikes
The first ghost bikes were created in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 2003. Currently there are over 630 ghost bikes that have since appeared in over 210 locations throughout the world.

Ghost Bikes in Adelaide
The first ghost bike in Adelaide was placed in Jun-2010 by Adelaide Cyclists, and supported by the Bicycle Institute of SA, as a memorial to the unnamed cyclist who was killed on Payneham Rd on Saturday 28-May-2010.
[This bike disappeared ages ago. I do not know of any current ghost bikes in SA.]

Ghost bike

Call for ghost bikes to be left alone
By Adam Cooper
Published by The Age on 6-Oct-2011

Ghost bikes memorials carry a strong message
By Michael O’Reilly
Published by Executive Style on 23-Jul-2015

Hi Heather. Thanks for the links. Although I've seen most of them before what really surprised me is that the Payneham Road ghost bike is gone.

Do you know the exact location of where that ghost bike was?

Ryan, re links
Expect you found many links, while deciding to support Ghost Bikes.
My few links will provide info for readers who have not been intrigued to search further.
And I did bump your discussion!

Ryan, re disappearing ghost bikes.

— One interstate ghost bike was moved a few streets by unknown person/s for ‘fun’.
— Some ghost bikes will be stolen for ‘fun’ or scrap metal. Some years ago an Adelaide cyclist was killed on a Ride2Work Day. In the media that some items were stolen from his memorial.
— Otherwise, expect most ghost bikes to be eventually removed by authorities (local or state govt). 

Did you read DPTI’s Roadside Memorials that discourages long-term roadside memorials?
Perhaps you could aim to quickly place a ghost bike (and in a considerate position as per DPTI guideline).
Then belatedly seek permission from the appropriate authority (local or state govt).
Assure the authority that you will remove the ghost bike one year after the fatal crash.
You could organise for your members, plus cyclist’s family and friends, to gather onsite when the bike is placed, and on the one year anniversary when the bike is removed.
A one-year term to keep the authorities onside. Also fewer ghost bikes to purchase, fewer plaques to organise, and fewer memorials to tend.
Of course maintain a digital plaque on your website.

Ryan, re location on Payneham Rd.
I prepared some Hints A (which might help in the future), then found more precise info. 

Hints A
At the State Library:
— Ask to read BISA’s newsletter Pedal Update in the Somerville Reading Room. The newsletter number 197 July-August 2010 might have included an item. (Online I found a link that did not work, and another link where font too small to read.)
— Read microfiche of the eastern suburbs Messenger. Item on crash or ghost bike might appear within six weeks of 28-May-2010.
— Read microfiche of The Advertiser and Sunday Mail for a few days after 28-May-2010, looking for the crash info.
— Use the National Library TROVE to search online. trove.nla.gov.au

[Search Adelaide Cyclists forum.] 

If you locate the address, you can cycle straight to the Payneham Rd address.
Otherwise cycle Payneham Rd, the full length and in both directions, to confirm that the ghost bike was removed within 9 years.

Ryan, re location on Payneham Rd
More Precise Info

Posted 16-May-2011: You certainly need your wits about you on such a busy road, there is a ghost bike just up from International Cycles. [International Cycle Centre, 70 Payneham Rd, Stepney]www.bicycles.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=34711 

  1. www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/hit-and-run-on-payneham-road -- www.adelaidecyclists.com/events/ride-of-remembrance -- 30-May-2010 [28-May-2010 ?] Colin killed in hit-run on Payneham Road in Stepney



Posted on 1-Jun-2010: Did you see the large picture in yesterday’s Advertiser? Take a close look at the front of the bike. www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/hit-and-run-on-payneham-road



Hi Heather,

Thanks for the links, they provided very interesting reading. You must have spent a lot of time researching!


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