GG5 Ride Report. Three penguins (with squeaky knees) go to see the sea at St. Kilda.

Three non-starters in the day’s main event showed up at Price’s bakery at Golden Grove for a leisurely cruise to St. Kilda.  A predominantly pancake flat ride through the agricultural northern Adelaide plains.

Three started this ride though with lead penguin Roger … belting down The Grove Way followed more chicken-like (by me) and  more carefully by Dean.  Turning left on to Bridge Rd and then right on to Smith Street we coasted through Salisbury and down Waterloo Corner Road and St. Kilda Road to St. Kilda.  Most of this was with a nice friendly tail wind.

A quick look around (didn’t take long and hard to see how this place can support a national football team – and we didn’t play in the playground) and it was off back towards Pt. Wakefield Road. 

The Grandstand(?) below.

The deserted playground (below) all the boys and girls banging up the SE Freeway.

TIPS from St. Kilda (below) smoke stacks bending in the wind..

Here a decision was taken to deviate from the planned route a little and take a ride up the Stuart O’Grady Bikeway (SOB).  As we were riding along we compared knee problems – all three of us had a minor complaint.  These were not the reason for missing the big ride for any of us though.

This was into a strong and thirsty head wind – but we battled on until Petherton Road exit and headed back towards our respective homes via Womma Road through Elizabeth and Salisbury.  We agreed to not climb back up to Golden Grove but used Bridge Road to go home instead.

That’s about it really.  A nice flat ride at a leisurely pace.  For me about 85 kms.

Notice no pictures of the cyclists... believe me its better this way!!

Oh yeah.  Penguins.  Roger … was adorned in his "three penguin" jersey and as we are far from three wise men…

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I know how much Roger hates getting his photo taken, so here it is for the uninitiated:

LOL.....a jersey that needs adopting....

Oh, I remember,

That jersey...

I adopted one. Shh....

That's fantastic. I would wear that every day.

Saw Roger this morning rolling past Holden just before the turn off for McIntyre rd, gave a wave but I was on the other side of the rd (on the way to the city, sadly, driving). Looks like you had a great ride fellas, awesome ride report again Andrew!

Love your humour Lanterne Rouge ! 

I can tell you that the strong and thirsty wind was not restricted to the flat plains of the North. 

I feel your pain..

It was an awesome day out, though i think i was stuffed by the time we headed back. Roger i really enjoyed chasing the Penguins today it took my mind of the wind. Though at a nice Steady 9my pace) i managed. Great Report Andrew and i think i was as much CHICKEN as you belting down that hill. Weather its my bike or wheels or weight inbalance it scares the Chickens out of me heading down hill now.

Now i look forward to next weeks Minor Hills

The way I feel right now, I wish I'd ditched the Velo Adelaide and come on the Gully Grinders. Looking forward to getting out with you guys soon.

To BUG member Lantern Rouge -- I will include in the newsletter.


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