GG Ride Report 9: Williamstown for the Cyclo Sportif and back your own way.

A magnificent day dawned at Golden Grove with nine attendees at the starting line for ride 9.  Appropriate - and a nice sense of order and cosmic harmony seemed to be prevailing.

Gemma gave the requisite pre-ride address, she is always so well organised with maps for all who wanted.   I should have inspected some of these maps though… more of that later.

Before we got going we lost one participant as Wendy elected to ride some dirt tracks instead. Gary and Carl also announced they too were only tagging along for a while.  I don’t think it was anything we said – but those Gawler Wheelers seem to have sucked the energy out of many-a-Gully-Grinder.

Maybe 5 of us could get to Williamstown! 

We set off at 08.00 along Grove Way to Yatala Vale Road and up Seaview Road to Range Road North.   

Ricky climbing.  Below.

This road is very scenic – spot the cyclist…  There may be a prize for identifying him or her – but then again we might have lost it.  Below.

At the CFS we had our first planned regroup. Below.

From left: Gemma, Carl, Kasey, Ricky, Dean (looking the wrong way – hmm), Scott and Gary. What a brigade.

Along RRN to North East Road (Adelaide-Mannum Road) and we farewelled Carl.   A little further to the Paracombe Road and we lost Gary.  We were down to five.

A regroup at Kersbrook – and on to Williamstown for refreshments – and they were worth the ride.

Then off to the action.  We ran into a lot of friends playing in the park and riding their bikes.

Gus… Something was in the helmet – but where is it now?   Below.

Spartacus... With admirers. Below.

Scott, Dean (front view this time) and Gemma (in new group top!!). Get one soon.  Below.

The loot up for grabs… I resisted temptation.  Below.

Oh well – time to go home.

Dean decided he was going back via Gawler.  Ciao Dean    He had his own version of the route map.  We were 4 heading back.

Kasey and Gemma bolted off (I never saw Kasey again) – but Scott, Ricky and I caught Gemma and we stopped at Kersbrook.

Ricky was going down Adelaide-Mannum Road (his map was another version).  Bye Ricky.  Wonder if he caught up with Kasey....

Gemma decided to call the cavalry.  Her version of the map must have had a sudden END.

Scott and I headed down the Gorge as directed by our maps. We wanted to refute the rumour it had been resurfaced and because we wanted to retension our spokes.  We probably retensioned our wrists!! 

In true AC tradition we had a headwind today both ways.  But we enjoyed it.  A great ride. 

Cyclo Sportif looks like a great event and some GG’ers today may look to join in.  Hope they have curcuit maps.

But we need to work on out togetherness in adversity a bit.

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999 is 666 upside down

Excellent ride report Andrew, thanks! Today was a great ride (in spite of the visit from the chaffing sprites) al-be-it with our 'divide and conquer' approach to the way back home. Back to a proper loop next week, might look to a flat ridenext week - will post Monday pm (any suggestions, please email or pop a suggestion on the group page). Thanks again to all today for a great ride :-)

Thanks for writing up the ride Andrew.

FYI ... All morning .. I was thinking of the Gully Grinders ...

plugging on ... up the hills ... never giving up .. 

I even kicked back a couple of times this morning and raised a cup of coffee to you all.


re: circuit maps of the sportifs... here's my strava ride data for 3 different courses they've used for this series. That should give you an idea of the courses :)


Snapper Point

The Range

Enjoyed my first GG ride even if it was a short version (had my own map!).  Thanks to all concerned - hope to ride with you again soon


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