GG Ride Report 4: How few riders must you have on a group ride to have repeated breakaways and peloton chases?

Fewer than seven is the answer. 

This morning’s ride was somewhat in the shadow of other rides this week, holidays overseas and the ongoing Adelaide Great Plague epidemic.

Nevertheless, seven keen and hardy souls enjoyed a pleasant burn of the ‘burbs.  Lisa, Paul, Roger…, Baz, Clive, Dean and LR met up at Prices Bakery (most made it on time) for the customary pre-ride briefing and safety notices.

In the absence of regular leader, Gemma, there was a deafening clamour of volunteers for road leader and TEC.  Eventually order returned and a victor announced.

The ride started with the leader in the middle of the main bunch and belted down the Grove Way (T&F time).  The road leader finished this last.  From there the pack turned south and Bridge Road and Briens Road were soon despatched.  Said despatching stretched the peloton over some hundreds of kilometres so a planned regroup was held just south of Grand Junction Road on Hampstead Road.

Off again and down Ascot Avenue to Portrush Road.  The peloton again stretched to breaking now over an immense difference.  So, another regroup at Marden.  Lower North East was next to bear the brunt of the immense pack but its sneaky climbs really began to test the group’s bond’s elasticity. 

After regrouping, a number of riders took a head start (declared legal by the stewards on the day) and when they were out of sight – the massive peloton chased them down.  The catch being at the roundabout at LNE Rd and Hancock Road.   Before the poursuivants had taken properly partaken of refreshment, the breakaway split off again.  Again the peloton had to chase hard to complete the catch at Hancock and Yatala Vale Roads.

From here it was a simple group ride back along YV Road onto the Grove Way for coffee and lengthy reminiscing.


I’ll hand over to my fellow riders for further embellishment:

Maybe Roger … can explain why he is the “Soothsayer”.  Whatever we said – it happened to him...

Maybe someone can explain why three out of seven riders wore CVSA jerseys......

Maybe Mick from GW can tell us what he yelled at some of us from his car window!!

Maybe someone knows how far or fast we went....

Sorry there are no pictures – but I didn’t have any film in my mobile phone.  The group needs to work on this bit...

Sorry there are no nice bold, capitalised and coloured captions – but I’m not Frank or Pete.

Sorry most of you missed a REALLY AWESOME ride.



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10/10 LR!

Great ride debrief Andrew, thanks for taking the reigns! sounds like you had a great ride this morning and I'm sorry to have missed it (damed viral beasties, am currently having stern talks with my immune system). If the route was enjoyed shall we roll this one again in two weeks time (the 25th)?
Does anyone not riding the velo on the 18th would like a GG ride to go ahead? If so, would anyone like to volunteer to organize this? If not, we will reconvene on the 25th March.

 @ LTR, if I told you what I said I would be called a HOON by members of this site. Given that I got a smile from CP, it was all in fun. 

errrm I'll freeebly offer up some excuse..zzz

I was riding my old mate .. the trusty but unused in recent years, alloy CAAD4 Cannondale today as my regular bike (six13 Cannondale) has retired after it suffered a terminal carbon failure.

Even though yesterdays GW ride was a "social ride" it was a social ride with the unavoidable "Red Mist" blowing in later in the ride. My legs were humming a tune today.

Uncanny it was, to have Andrew talking idly about loose cranks and within 500m of the regroup I noticed some new noise and found I had a crank arm come loose... (really loose). Luckily I have a good multi tool! 

Clive mentioned seeing a loose skewer (at the GW ride yesterday) earlier and uncannily, while parking the bike against the Bakery wall at the end of the ride, my back wheel fell out as I lifted the bike over the curbing ...

A picture paints a thousand words, but you have written in 'Braille' so who needs photos when you have described your day so well. 

Looking forward to your next report. 

A good read guaranteed !

But nobody mentioned the audacity of one rider who actually drove to the start from bloody RIDGEHAVEN. I ASK YOU WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO. Oh I see that it's been mentioned now so we'll say no more until somebody else thinks of something else to say about it.

By the way Dean and Rog, ping ping ping, the mystery sound, as the noise wasn't evident yesterday I figured it might have something to do with the way the rear wheel was reinstalled following my lift home. Refitted the wheel this arvo and all seems fine.

Baz mentioned an interesting route that would be similar to the first ride but a little flatter, might be worth a look at in the near future.

Yep, Bazz sent me a map - looks good we'll roll that one out next :-) sounds like you all had a good ride, great work!

just after we kicked off and went into that insane decent straight off a I was thinking "OMG! are the brakes going to be working when i hit the picks in 2 minutes at the bottom of this hill"?

Glad they worked!
Had the opposite problem last week on the big decent, looked at my computer and saw 84km gently applied brakes but not quite gently enough and the brakes bit in (new pads)and got a speed wobble on - bit of a "brown knicks" moment... and my partner didnt think it was amusing either when I told him about it later! Will sensibly ride the brakes from now on :-) the only thing about the area we ride in, there's big up's and where there are big up's there are also big down's.

Next time I'll park behind the pub :)

Lanterne, Don't you realise that after today effort you have just scored a new permanent job !

Sorry I haven't been out the past few weeks, and probably the next few.  I've a few issues to sort through combined with Velo, Grand Slam etc.  Hopefully a regular again after then.


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