For the upcoming ride Le Club Lug ride (8th of December), I thought I'd write a cycling xmas carol. This is what I've got so far... feel free to make suggestions and we'll pick the best parts/lines for the final version. Who knows, we may even sing it down at La Musette.

Steve might need to get the egg nog out for that to happen...

on 8th day of December...

my Jens sent to me 
Twelve kilo bowl of pasta, 
Eleven speed Campy Record, 
Ten abusive motorists, 
Nine spare conti tubes, 
Eight Strava K.O.M’s, 
Seven vom-inducing gels 
Six shots of espresso, 
Five consecutive red-lights... 
Four busted spokes, 
Three watts down Kensi, 
Two bar tape rolls, 
And a duck crossing Coro Parade...

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I put that bit in there for you Dimi, cos I loves ya.

Road kill for Christmas lunch!

I've had a stupid duck sitting around here for weeks to give to you, just haven't made it out to WfGHT yet to do so!!

I've got some stray 4 week old kittens if anyone wants one. One grey, one fluffy black.

I had to wait the other day while some ducks crossed East Tce. Only in Adelaide.

yes please!!

I did actually have "five speed Regina cluster" but there's syllable missing in there somewhere.

I like the ending but if I do that I won't be able to make light of Dimi's incident earlier this year!

Super record is a rip-off! Nothing different about the two but the decals and 15grams! Record anyday! :D

On the 8th of December the riding gods decreed:

12 power meters

11 x 3 bananas

10 Red Deer Brevets

9 missing memes

8 shave your legs!

7 love the lycra

6 hate the whingers

5 helmets are gooooooooood

4 hill climbs

3 slack jaws

2 La Musette :-)

1 and an absent Christmas parteeeeee


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