So there I am, cycling through North Adelaide. I slow up at the lights, come to a stop, and wait for the lights to change. Suddenly I feel something brushing up against me.

"What's that?" I wonder.



One more foot forward and he would've had me into the next road's traffic. Should I report this? If so, has anyone had any experience in doing so/who do I talk to?

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I made a formal complaint about a bus to Adelaide Metro back in January. I gave them the bus number, plate number and service number of the bus, the location, the time of the day that it occured and a run down of the situation. I also asked them to respond to me with an explaination of how the situation occurred.

Still waiting on a response.

Take it to the press.

Send it to your local member and the relevant Minister. 

Overtaking too closely called "overtaking without due care". The Driver's Handbook (SA Govt) recommends to leave a minimum or one metre when overtaking. You could report to police (next time).

Good advice from all ...

As a (soon to be former) police officer, albeit from a different jurisdiction a couple of observations that I hope may help if you need to report incidents - whether it be to police or some other body.

The quality of the information you provide can be the key to having substantive action being taken or the matter being 'shelved'.  The following points can help an investigation considerably;

  • time, date and place of the incident
  • an accurate description of your actions and those of the other party
  • registration numbers (and vehicle descriptions including distinguishing features if possible) - bus routes are good!


  • a description (if at all possible) of the other party or parties and any witnesses

Clearly these incidents are often fleeting and it's impossible to get all this info (particularly registration numbers and personal descriptions) but if it's at all possible then this information helps those responsible for investigating to positively identify the offending party (or parties). Being told 'I dunno what you're talking about' by a vehicle owner and not having enough info to positively identify them as the culprit and deal with them accordingly was frustrating in the days when I dealt with such things ...

As Don stated, record the report number and don't be afraid to follow it up.  Police in particular (I assume the same applies here as did where I worked) encounter a variety of situations and investigations daily and it's easy to let matters slide if something 'a bit more important' comes along and takes priority. 

To Charles - you're right - police can't do it all themselves so having other eyes and ears is always helpful.

To those who've reported matters, good luck with the outcomes.  

To all - keep safe out there.



Yes, report it to Adelaide Metro or whichever company runs that bus service! I too have had run inswith aggressive bus drivers in North Adelaide/Prospect (&elsewhere). The more the motoring community including bus drivers hear from us , the better, specially if you've had a near miss. I've had replies indicating management have counselled offending bus drivers

A much better way to get friendly with busses: 

Glad you're ok!  

yes report it .. I had the same problem after coming back down from Nortons onto Greenhill road . Had eye contact with the driver ....we were both turning right and he thought he could beat me so I ended up in the gutter .

Torrens Transit, phone 8350 4400, email and select 'operating areas' for bus route displayed on bus

John and Mark, you may be cycling in Prospect and therefore fit criteria to join Prospect BUG. Web page under Adelaide Cyclists. BUG emphasis is on advocacy and safety. A monthly newsletter emailed.

Ok I drive a truck for a big company, so I will give you the inside info.  Make a police report (takes about half an hour) then send the copy of this report to the company that the driver drives for. I can tell you that this will get a reaction! Writing to the company will have little effect as will making a police report but do both and OMG I wouldn't want you to do this to me!

By the way I am very aware of "you" when I am driving, I wish I could say the same for all that drive trucks/buses, so please be careful out there!


PS  - Trucks and buses have blind spots that car drivers you couldn't imagine!



I had an incident several months ago where a bus attempted to run me into the gutter .... he didn't count on me having a DVR mounted to my handlebar.  I recorded the incident including the bus rego number and subsequently loaded this footage to YouTube.  I telephoned Adelaide Metro to report it.  I explained the video footage could be located on YouTube and provided the web address.  The operator initially had difficulty comprehending that I had a DVR attached to my bike.  Once he realised I had solid evidence, the operators attitude changed.  Since this incident, I haven't had any significant issues (I think all the bus drivers know who I am). :) 


Personally I would report the incident to police and subsequently the bus company (with the police report number), otherwise I don't expect the bus company to take your claim too seriously.  Ensure you can provide as much detail as possible about the incident to the police.


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