So there I am, cycling through North Adelaide. I slow up at the lights, come to a stop, and wait for the lights to change. Suddenly I feel something brushing up against me.

"What's that?" I wonder.



One more foot forward and he would've had me into the next road's traffic. Should I report this? If so, has anyone had any experience in doing so/who do I talk to?

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Definitely report it. If you have the time of day and the route number then I'd imagine they could track the driver. Rego would be good. No doubt someone on this site will know who best to contact. Failing that (or even as well as that) file a police report. I can't help but think that the bus driver is legally blind or on drugs!

Yes, report it!

Not a good situation to find yourself in.

I would suggest that you report the incident to the transport SA - you may have to work out which specific bus co it was.

However i believe that if you are willling to report such events you should also reprot times where bus drivers do the right thing.

Once i was riding east along Greenhil Rd, in peak hour, i would pass the bus while i was stuck in traffic, and it would pass me as the traffic moved. When it came to a bus stop i noticed that it slowed to an almost-stop about 15mtrs from the busstop allowing me to cruise by in the bike lane without having a bus/pasengers block the path.

A (not so quick) call to TSA made sure that my appreciation was passed on to the driver - i think this is equally important as reporting the bad driving. positive reinforcement (yes im a teacher)

Awww, he liked you…… Nah, report it. Its negligent, and thats dangerous.

In "Give me a metre" I explained my run in with a bus three to four weeks ago. Same as you but I was doing 20kmh. Ended up on my side on the footpath - it was the only way out. Definitely report the incident. It will be Torrens transport.

1. make a police report - they will do stuff all but at least it's recorded (I'm still waiting on a Constable Devitt at Norwood to pass on my report to a Senior Constable Dawes at Holden Hill and that was three to four weeks ago - report number VC12125437). I got the bus number and all details by the way.

2. Also report it to the Ops manager at Torrens transport - probably at Richmond. The buses have 6 external video cameras which download automatically as they return to the depot and the Ops manager can get the footage. The ops manager up at Tea Tree gully was great - he called me back after investigating and was really efficient.

3. In about a month you will need to follow it up if you feel strongly about it and make sure the ensuing action was appropriate.

Let us know via a new post. 

Alright, will have some phone discussions to make I think. Thank you for your help!

No, dont phone, write a letter.

 If you call, they'll appear to listen, agree there's a problem, and take details. But that is merely, stock standard training on how to handle difficult customers. Even my pal from Sierra Leone knows those tricks!

The corporation's aim, is not to tackle yourcomplaint - , but  to get you to go away and make you believe the issue has been dealt with.

Note my words: their aim is to make you believe the issue has been dealt with. If  you believe that -  they dont actually have to deal with it, they dont actually have to do any more than that to resolve the situation do they? 


call, and write a follow-up 

Buses and taxis usually rub me up the wrong way :P

Report it. I reported a bus driver recently who allowed a passenger to alight the bus straight onto a bike lane ( that is to say the bus was in traffic, not at the curb) at a location that was not a designated bus stop. I was able to provide plenty of details about the bus, driver, location and time etc. A  week or so later the bus people contacted me back stating that they had identified the driver and that they were investigating the matter. I dont want his job, I want him to drive safety .

I also report to sapol 'Traffic Watch" every moron I see using their mobile phone whist driving. My view is that road safety is everyones concern and that the police cannot do it all on their own. With reports like this, the driver is usually sent a letter by sapol warning then about their behaviour and possible consequences if further reports are made. 

Some suggestions:

Yes, report it, in writing, to the bus company. if you have the time, location, and the route number - they should be able to  identify the driver.

Ask that the driver be informed of what he did, and be told, he put you in danger (bus companies hate risk). You comment that he nearly pushed you into traffic - the driver needs to hear, that that is what he did.   There is no excuse for one moving vehicle (bus) to  contact  a stopped vehicle  (cyclist) . Or to harass other road users by not leaving enough space in between. And harassment is what it is.

It suggests a driver willing to take risks,  harass other road users, perhaps lacking skill in judging appropriate stopping distances in traffic.  Sooner or later that driver will cause a real crash. The  company ought to be interestedin what you have to say, as it will prefer to identify the few rogue drivers now, rather than wait til something happens. 

On that basis, ask that the driver receive re-training - or even better, counselling! .

Also tell the bus company, you want them  to write back, to  confirm they  addressed the issue, and you'd like an apology from the driver. Say you look forward to eharing from them Within say 14 days. Then if they dont reply, you can take that itself up - along with the original problem -   with your MP.

Does that give you a few ideas??

I had a stand up argument with the Driver of a 228F a couple of months ago, if I hadn't ducked he would have hit me with his mirror on Montefiore Hill. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


His response was feel free to report me, they'll do nothing anyway.


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