Thomas Harris is SOL

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Driver is dumb.
1. Obviously doesn’t know the road rules, because cyclists are permitted to ride on the road when an off-road shared path is nearby. (Fit cyclists entitled to ride faster on a road than shared path.)
2. Maybe doesn’t know that cyclists are permitted to ride two-abreast. (If the vehicle had approached on the road rather than shared path, the cyclists would have moved into single file.)
3. Dumb to drive a vehicle on a shared path.
4. Drum roll for this. Did not recognise the language of police officers (“Pull over, so I can have a chat,” one cyclist responded.) So proceeded to post on public media, his video with evidence against himself.

Disappointing but not surprising, that some supporting the dumb driver do not know the road rules.

And this bogan gets to vote.

He also gets the vote for Bogan of the year.

Him and all the other Bogans that support his actions :( 

Crazy stuff


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