Spring is on its way.

It was a little bit warmer today, and this saw a few people out for the first time in a while.

We had good numbers out again, 34, and  3 options on offer.

The short ride was out to Lewiston for a 40km ride and 122m of climbing. The middle ride was a return trip to Tanunda, 52 kms and 526 m of climbing. The longer ride including Tanunda, up Menglers, out the back to Angaston and then back to Gawler via Nuriootpa and Lyndoch, 81kms and 870 m of climbing. So again something for everyone.

The short ride had six riders, including Keith who was out for the first time for a while.

The first section  out on the Two Wells Road was fun, with a tail wind and with the road sloping  in the right direction. There is some really beautiful country and at this time of the year,  the crops look a treat. Here is the majority of the group with the wonderful backdrop.

The next section was fine, although Ken and Dianne did get a bit of a dusting up by a few magpies, but nothing too serious.

We had a major re-group at Angle Vale, and there was a hint of the sun coming out.

Here is Donna, Dianne, Keith, Paula  and Ken.

The final section on the SOB  was all fine.  So with very little wind to speak of, and very pleasant company, all good.
Also thanks to Keith for taking on the role of TEC.

The middle ride was the most popular of the options, with 16 riders. This is a great ride, with a  mixture of undulations and flat sections, so plenty of variety, plus a good distance to keep you honest.

Here are a few shot from the re-group at Tanunda.

Bec, Dianne and Caren.

 Milling around.

The main aim of the ride toady was to form into groups of 4 to 5 so as to break up the group in to smaller bunches  so there was not a long steady stream of riders. Also to make sure no one was left isolated. This worked a treat, as it allowed motorists to confidently move past everyone.

Here are Craig, Dani, Ian and Brad riding as a very tidy bunch.

The bunches  also worked very well with everyone rotating through smoothly.
In the end everyone posted strong averages, a great ride.

Thanks to Mike for taking on the role as ride leaders and Linda for being TEC. It was a well-oiled machine.

The longer ride had a good time with 12 riders taking on the option.
The first challenge  for the day was riding through Bethany. There is charm ( not sure if this is really the best collective noun that could be chosen) of magpies. Theses magpies are notorious swoopers. So as a strategy , the group formed up into a solid line of riders, that may have confused them, so no swooping. Good stuff.

The next challenge was the run up Manglers. Everyone was fine, in particular Jason, who really knows how to attack the hills.

Here are some getting to the top and then the whole crew enjoying the moment.

The next section was down the back of Menglers, all the way to Angaston. After a quick break,  it was off to Nuriootpa via the bike trail. This is a great section to ride along, although the temperature did drop down when they went through the cutting and the wind was a bit chilly when they were exposed.

The return trip back to Gawler was all fine, with some good averages posted.

Here is Glen and Peter taking it fairly easy.

There were two mechanical though. Steve D had a piece of wire stuck in one of his tyres. Thanks to Peter for helping out with the repairs. Also Masa had a bit of trouble with his bike, but was able to nurse it all the way back home.

A special mention to Kate, today saw her hundredth Saturday morning ride with the Wheelers. Great stuff.
Also thanks to Simon for doing such a great job as ride leader.

Here are Kate and Simon.

So another great morning out with the Wheelers, with  plenty of great country to ride through and enjoy, especially at this time of year.

Until next week

Stay safe


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

For more pictures and discussion about the ride, please visit the Wheeler's Facebook page.

Gawler Wheelers Facebook Page

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Great report Paul. My first real ride on the road since 6th May so the short ride was the choice. The slow easy pace made for a relaxing morning leaving me with the desire to get back into it. Thanks for the bottle and to every one for the encouragement, Cheers till next week

Great to see you in the photos riding with GW again Keith cant believe how time flies. Well done in coming out and giving it a go, hear you rode very well too.

Nice report Paul.

I couldn't ride this week, it is so good to see the photos and read the report. Thanks to you and all that take photos and video certainly makes me feel like I was there. 

Next weeks rides!

Time: September 16, 2017 from 7:15am to 11am approx

Location: 41 High Street Gawler East

Route 8 SOB https://www.strava.com/routes/9202171 54.3km Distance 159m Elevation Gain Est. Moving Time 2:15:05

Route 10 Mallala https://www.strava.com/routes/9201927 59.8km Distance   181m Elevation Gain   Est. Moving Time 2:28:44

Route 66 Back of Checkers https://www.strava.com/routes/9080609 74.5km Distance    1,060m Elevation Gain   Est. Moving Time 3:05:14 

Please note Mallala route cancelled due to finals in Mallala,

SOB plus Edinburgh loop added instead.


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