Rolling the dice.

It was a bit of a slow start to the morning with only a few rolling in at around 7 with reports of heavy rain around, especially out at Mallala where one ride was planned to go. Slowly a few more turned up and the conversation revolved around the weather, and whether we would just head off for a ‘breakfast Club’ morning.

In the end we all decided that since we were out and ready for a ride we would get out amongst it and see how it went.

Here is Dave giving the safety and ride brief.

The majority, eleven, decided, given the high chance of rain that they would take on the SOB. If it got really wet they could always just turn around, so not too exposed. Another group, of five, decided they would chance their arm and take on the bigger ride up to Kapunda and back, 84kms and 675 m of climbing.

The longer ride headed off north with a fairly smooth run all the way to Freeling.

From Freeling, there is a long stretch to Kapunda, with some drawn-out hills to get over.

Here is group on the final climb close to Kapunda.



Linda and Ian.

They stopped at the Village Square and a chance to refill biddens, take on some food, and get ready for the trip home.

Here is Haydn charging his phone on a ‘smart’ charger.

This was in complete contrast to the way people kept in contact back in the day, as depicted by this great mural.

From Kapunda they made their way down to Greenock. This is a great stretch of road with fantastic views, always a treat.

From Greenock, the group took a short section of the Sturt Highway, making sure they kept well over to the left and then with caution, crossed over on to Daveyston Road which leads across back to Freeling. Again this is a great road to ride on. Very few cars, small rises to roll over and great views.

They had a short break at Freeling, before kicking on to Templers and the start of the downhill run. There was a slight breeze now to contend with, but nothing too concerning. After Templers it was a straight run back to Gawler, and a chance to step it up a bit.

All in all it was a great ride, no rain, and only a gentle breeze.

A big thanks to Haydn for leading the ride, helping out everyone. Well done,

Here they all are back at the Exchange including Andrea and Cindy.

The other ride headed off south and while still in Gawler, one rider had an issue with his chain. He decided it best to have it looked at, so headed straight back home. A good decision.

The rest of the group navigated through town reaching the start of the SOB and riding straight into a headwind. They could also see dark clouds and rain in the distance, and a hint of thunder. The further they went down the SOB, the darker it got. Just past Curtis Road the rain started to set in, and with the wind building up, it was decided to turn around. With the wind behind the group now it was a relatively quick run back to Gawler.

Here is the majority of the group in the carpark, plus Karen and Dale over at the Exchange.

Of special note was Jon, TEC for the ride, who had decided to get into the spirit of the role and in fact came with his own tail. Great dedication to the role.

On most occasions, the TEC brings along a bag of jelly snakes to share around at regroups. Over time this has been getting more elaborate. For example last week Dale, as TEC, provided chocolate chip and short bread biscuits plus the jelly snakes. To raise the bar that much higher, Jon brought along homemade sausage rolls plus the sauce. (I also understand his wife also does a very nice mini quiche) So thanks to Jon’s wife for the delicious sausage rolls.

Cheers and yum.

So another fun day out with the Wheelers with contrasting conditions. The longer ride got the best of them and had a great hit out. The shorter ride rode straight into the wind and then the rain, but still had a good time of it.

Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013.

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