It’s spring and that’s the time the maggies get active and it’s time of the year we need to be very cautious.

Here is Dave delivering the ride brief, including mentioning maggies.

The weather was forecasted to be fine, and we had 25 riders out.
We again had two rides on today; a long ride and a medium ride.

The medium ride was the very popular two loops of Williamstown. This induced a run up Yettie Road, to Williamstown, then across to Lyndoch before looping around Cockatoo Valley back to Lyndoch, before a run back home to Gawler. 60kms and 611 m of climbing.
The longer ride also took in Cockatoo Valley, before heading up to Tanunda via Lyndoch. From there a climb up Menglers before a run down to Angaston, a pass through Penrice, before heading back to Tanunda and home. 87kms and 1,040 m of climbing.

The two rides headed off at the same time and shared the same first section. The longer ride set a quick pace to start with, and at Cockatoo Valley headed up Pimpala Road for Lyndoch. They had a quick stop there before setting off up the Barossa Valley Way. Just before Tanunda, they turned right and headed straight through Bethany. Now the real work for the day started with a climb up Menglers. Everyone was fine, and they had a quick stop to enjoy the view and have a small breather.

Here is Dave and Glen.

Next was the run down Long Gully Road to Angaston. The group was now riding into a head wind, although this did not seem to worry Haydn who set a cracking pace, with everyone settling in behind him. Some others tried to take a turn out front, but once they shifted out of the shelter in to the wind, they couldn’t quite edge up. In the end everyone settled in and appreciated Haydn’s ability to ride so strongly and tow the group along.

At Angaston and they an opportunity to rehydrate and have a break, and of course a bike lean.

Next the group headed north through Penrice before turning south back to Tanunda. A quick stop and then a run all the way back to Gawler.
So great riding from Haydn who set the rhythm of the ride.

Also great riding from Tim who got stronger as the ride progressed. Here he is with Haydn.

Glen and David also rode strongly although David did get a bit of a ‘hurry up’ from a magpie that nipped him on his behind.
Thanks also to Mark who was the ride leader. He did a great job keeping the ride rolling along. Here he is, looking very refreshed after the ride. Although he did say that he felt there was a head wind in both directions.

The medium ride also had a good time of it although there was a minor tumble close to the start of the ride. As a bunch was making their way up a small climb, there was a touch of wheels and two riders came off their bikes. There were a few scratches and both were fine to continue on. There is a need to always be alert at all time, it only takes a split second, for things to go skew-whiff.

The big climb for the day was Yettie Road. Some were as bit apprehensive, as they hadn’t been out much over the winter, but everyone was fine.
Here are a few getting up and over.




Linda and Karen



Once the main climbing was done, it was a quick run down to Williamstown for a break.
As it was still coolish, the break was fairly short, and off to Lyndoch. The wind had started to pick up, so a bit of a battle, although everyone got into small bunches and supported each other all the way to Lyndoch. Once at Lyndoch it was a matter of doing the loop, which includes a run down Pimpala Rd, before heading back to Williamstown.
Bunches had now formed and the section between Williamstown and Lyndoch, saw pace lines formed and quick turns out the front. So a great run back to Lyndoch
The final regroup was at Lyndoch and to take stock of the ride so far. In particular to check on the numbers that had been swooped.
So out of a group of 20 riders, 8 had been swooped!

So the maggies were well and truly active.
And here is the whole group, all the climbing done, and really for the usual quick run back to Gawler.

So anther great ride and a big thanks to Chris for being TEC and doing a great job supporting everyone, in particular with those who came off their bikes.

Back at the Exchange we had our recognition awards.
Firstly to Tim. Tim did a great job supporting everyone on the long ride, Plus he is always happy to put his hand up to help when ever there is a need.

Caren. Caren rode strongly all day. She hasn’t ridden in a while and this was the first hills she has done in months. She was fine, and she looked like she had her climbing boots on.

Special mention to Peter.

Just as the medium ride group was leaving the carpark, Peter was pulling in and he said he was doing the longer ride. Unfortunately he wasn’t quite able to catch them so did the whole ride on his own. In fact he added in some extra climbs, including an extra section through Altona and some extra climbing in Angaston. In the end he got back to the exchange, just on 12 noon. Great riding.

Also, the medium ride caught up with the group that was formed out of the Ride a Bike Right program a year or so ago. They are still enjoying their cycling, which is what it’s all about and great to see.

So another great day out with the Wheelers, although an unfortunate tumble and some swooping magpies.

Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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