Mini 5 November ride report please add photos and comments.

Near perfect weather and great company. About 53 riders took part in three rides.

Linda was ride captain for SOB. Sue captain of the Para Wirra ride and I took my group on a wrong turn as we left the car park. Apart from my leading the group to Aldi instead of Potts straight away all groups seemed like they had a good time. Rob had a scrape from a wheel touch on Sue's ride but it seems and I hope injuries are minor.

I was impressed by the ladies leading rides and the skills they imparted to all other riders. Sue read her ride brief perfectly and was well received. Lindas safety point on stop signs is important and one we all must obey. Please let ride captains know or post any safety issues so we can all address them.

Many thanks to all that helped on the rides and behind the scenes to keep us rolling each week.

I hid in the bushes to take these photos at the new OTH roundabout of the shorter pre Amy's ride. Sorry bit dark.

Kevin, Paul and Linda.

Wendy and AJ (welcome back AJ!)

Till next week.

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Kevin what a smile. Bet he is thinking of doing a loop of Cornishmans Hill road with Paul I.


New to Adelaide Cyclists as I am moving to Adelaide next month.. Love these ride reports. Is anyone welcome to tag along for a spin?

Cheers, Nick

Thanks Nick.
Yes all welcome very friendly bunch, please turn up at 7.15 for safety and ride brief. More info on our Gawler Wheeler page, please sign in as a member on this AC site and also if on Facebook ask to join Gawler Wheelers Cycling Group.

Happy to answer other questions maybe once you have read.

PS in December we are starting our rides from the Gawler TAFE car park Corner High street and Barossa Valley Way.

The FB page link some are going to the Admin one.

Pre welcome Nick :)

Look forward to riding with you Nick! All the best with the move to Adelaide.

Just a few snaps back at the bakery.

A small group of 10 or so took on the SOB. I figured I could lead this ride as there was no chance of getting lost. We stuck together in a good tight group for the whole ride. Occasionally separating at road crossings but the first group slowed until all were back on. Keith Davies was in fine form taking plenty of turns up front.
Angela was very strong, lovely to see the gals doing a great job. With the SOB being very overgrown it was imperative that the front riders called rider up early as single file was the order of the day, particularly up Mt Pellew.
A head wind down was teasing up with a pending tail wind home but alas in fine SOB form it turned and became a nice lil cross wind. 
Still an enjoyable roll with good company.

Happy smiling wheelers all Linda! Great ride at SOB for sure


Decided this week it would be a roll of the legs on the SOB to save the climbing legs for Sunday. We had a great bunch and stayed together all the way. Was great to chat with Angela who is very strong and took the front a couple of times. Really good to see the ladies getting out. SOB might not be hills but we all know it isn't an easy option with the wind always playing a part.

Was a busy weekend in SA with plenty of GW's competing in Murray Man along with a host of GW volunteers who did a great job.

Amy's also had a great GW represent who all looked after each other finishing well. 

At the ride brief SAPOL outlined the need to obey the road rules and not just when they were around! There were firm reminders with regards to obeying signage and single file when we hit the open roads. This year was particularly good with most riding very well and following the rules.

Amy's husband was present at the start and we were all reminded of why this ride is so special.

Our lovely bright kit attracted a lot of attention and once again many compliments on our safe riding  etiquette.  Chris, Haydn and Matt featured on 7 news with a cameo of Tash climbing Willunga. One thing that stood out was that when we were calling groups behind followed suit. Particularly along the esplanade at Noarlunga where we negotiated a few round abouts. Nice to know we behave :)

Looking forward to this weeks ride,

Stay safe :) 

Looks like you guys had loads of fun last Sunday Linda. Hope we could see a snippet of the video of 7News. Well done to all the wheelers who rode last Sunday.


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