Wet but no rain.

After a good downpour during the week, Saturday turned out to be great riding weather with 23 riders out. The roads were a bit wet and you needed to watch out for any slippery sections, especially in the cropping areas where the farmers were taking advantage of the rain and get some seeding happening.

Again we had three rides on. The first two shared the same route out to Mallala with one group then heading off to Two Wells, for a 73 km run and 188 m of climbing. The other was retracing the route back to Gawler, for 60 kms and 181 m of climbing.

The longer ride took in a lot more climbing up in the hills. This including climbing up and down the foothills including up  Alexander Avenue, then coming  down Medlow, before travelling through Craigmore then climbing up again to One Tree Hill. From there around Para Wirra Conservation Park, including in and out of the South Para then a quick run back to Gawler, 72 kms and 1,013 m of climbing.

Before the safety briefing there was a bit of umming and aahring about whether to do the longer ride as only two were planning to ride the route and one needed to leave at One Tree Hill. At the last minute, two others turned up, so with four riders they were away.

Being a small group they all rode together and braved the chilly start to the ride. They made excellent time and had a good break to One Tree Hill with a chance to have pies and doughnuts.

Here is Denny, Simon, Kevin and Phil.

After the break Kevin headed off home, with the other three pushing on. They enjoyed the run around Para Wirra and given the recent rain, the scenery was very pleasant.  
As usual the dip into and out of the South Para is always a challenge, but all three were fine. The final section back to Gawler via Yettie and Balmoral Roads was ridden at a quick pace, and in fact they got back to the Exchange Hotel before the other two rides. Well done.

Thanks to Denny for being the Road Captain, it all ran very smoothly.

For the other two rides it was a steady pace out to Mallala. Once on Redbanks Road the group broke into two bunches, with both riding strongly.

At Mallala, there was time to rehydrate and take on a bit of extra food.

In particular  it was good two catch up with Mike. He had forgotten to bring along his riding shoes, so had to duck home to get them. He got a lift out to Mallala so he could catch up with the ride. It was also good to see Lyn out again. She lives up in the country, so on occasions takes the opportunity to make the trip down and come out for a ride. As usual, she rode very strongly.

 Here is Mike and Lyn.

It was also good to see Cindy out again. It’s been a few years between her rides with the Wheelers, and it was great to see her out again, and also riding very strongly.

Here is Cindy and Dave.

From Mallala the group split into two, with both making very good time back to Gawler. As there was no wind to speak of, so pleasant in all directions.

A big thanks to Glen for his role as TEC. He did a great job supporting everyone. Also to Dave as Ride Captain, everything rolled along very smoothly

Back at the Exchange Hotel it was time for our weekly appreciation awards.

Firstly to Simon. A big thanks to Simon for the extra effort now needed to organise the different rides. Having three rides, provides options, especially for those new to the group or getting back to riding. They can choose a ride that best suits them on the day.

Secondly to Denny. Denny can’t always get out, but when he does he puts up his hand to take on different roles, including today as Ride Captain. Well done

So anther great day out with the Wheelers.

 Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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