Cold clear mornings equal sunny rides- check.

It was a cold start this morning, which was probably reflected in the numbers, 32 riders. It looked like many people decided to hole up in a warm café or simply stay in bed. Well the upshot of the ride was as soon as we got going we all warmed up and it was a glorious day.

We had three rides on again. A run down the SOB for a 53 ride, a run up to Tanunda with on option of tackling Menglers and a loop back though Cockatoo Valley, 77kms, or just looping back through Cockatoo Valley 61kms.

All went fine, and everyone had a hoot of a time.

To start with we had one of our longest registered members, out for the first time, Kevin.


Kevin joined the group way back in 2011, and even has the top, but has been too busy to come out for a ride, so today was the first opportunity. He chose the SOB as a starter and has a wonderful bike and story to boot. . He rides a fully restored 1982 Campagolo. And what a beautiful  restoration it is. He even has the paperwork to confirm its provenance.
Kevin had a fine time on the SOB and will be planning to come out the GW rides more often.

A familiar face we haven’t see for a few years was Ann ( with Paul in background)

She is planning to come out to more GW rides now, and did the shorter loop from Tanunda and had a whale of a time.

So when the larger group set off for Tanunda, it was pretty cold. Although once we turned on to the bypass, we were in full sun, so it was the start of thawing out. In fact by the time we reached the end of Roseworthy Road to cross over the Sturt Highway, the cold start was a distant memory.

On the bypass there was a bit of a mixed  bag with our calls. There is a wide verge there, and there were some that didn’t call out when passing, in particular on the left. But there were great calls when we crossed over the off ramp. When riding in a group, we need to make sure we have clear calls, so everyone knows where others are.

Life is not always all beer and skittles, but as a close second, it can be bike and quoits. Here is Linda and Ann having a change of pace at the bike hub in Tanunda and setting the standard.


In fact there was a lot of relaxation on the cards with Mark enjoying a bean bag, although the book may not be very handy for directions.

And the girls really were soaking in the rays.

One person who really has come along in leaps and bounds has been Rowdy. Not so long ago Rowdy was a bit reticent to tackle hills on a regular basis. But under the experienced support of Paul he is taking on more hills. In fact, this was the first time he has tackled three hill rides in one week. Great stuff. Also Paul has suggested they take on Menglers next week. No stopping him now.

Some times as we go along we pick up a few extra riders. At Tanunda, Mark sent a text to his dad Trevor, and he was able to meet up with the group, and ride down to Cockatoo Valley,  before heading home to Tanunda at Sandy Creek.

It was good to catch up with Trevor again, as it has been a while since he last came out on a GWs ride. Also, Trevor had had a bit of a mishap recently and hasn’t been able to get on the bike for a few months. So it was doubly good to see him out on the bike again.

So all in all, a great day up in the hills, riding around the beautiful winter vines.

And thanks again to Paul for being TEC.

Until next week

Safe riding


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Changing riding style too as safe as possible is what we preach each week and we seek the best.

On Saturday a big group rode all together on leaving Gawler.I did note two riders fail to get completely left on car back call also two or more riders not the same went early into the slip stream lane to Xavier college this was messy. Once on main narrow roads the single file with car back calls worked well.

I noted all ride the calls being passed loudly for car back! going down Breaton into Jack Cooper t junction the big group rode well two by two around the corner no bunch formed well done. The talking between riders needs constant work as we ride in these bigger groups.

Glorious, glorious winter!

The time of year when you watch the weather all week hoping for a good forecast on Saturday. We were not disappointed. layer up and peel off as you go.

So good to still see quite good no's out. 

Reading the reports it seems there were a few messy bits but we can all learn from this. I personally didn't witness anything to much to worry about but I was up the front with Tash and Kate ( we were not racing or strava searching) just headed out first. There were a few bikes across the intersection but we had all crossed in to the middle with no cars to the left at that stage but had to wait for a few on the right before we crossed safely. A white car did come up and was waiting to turn right but we had been stationary for a while, long before the car came along. The driver did not seem concerned nor was aggressive. Once we crossed all pulled into single file quickly.

As for Bretts continual comments on speed, i am going to put my 2c worth in. I started at the tail end when I was a newbie and never ever expected the whole group to wait at my speed. God forbid we have 40-50 riders all plodding along at my pace. I have improved considerably over the last 2 years and love the fact that I am stronger and can now keep up with quicker groups, that's what brings enjoyment for me. Having said that there are days I ride at the back and thoroughly enjoy that also, 3 weeks ago the chick train was so busy having a lovely day out we came in very last to the re-group reveling in the fact that we were the TE Chicks. I must ask Brett why you bother to come out if the group does not ride in the manner you enjoy. There are many slow groups that you might feel more comfortable riding with.

Back to my ride :) My hammy had been tight through the week and I seemed to have fatigue in my legs so decided to give Menglers a miss. Never the less I has a blast as usual. Strava segment are safe lol. One thing I must say is how well both Kate and Giro are riding, lovely to seem them both enjoying the ride.

Our small group (non Menglers) pretty much stayed together for the whole way back sitting on a nice steady pace. We had Anne with us and she is a super confident rider and from the conversation back at the bakery enjoyed her day.

For those wondering how our Kona champs went. They all competed strong and did us proud. I'm sure they will have plenty of good stories to share with us on there return.

See you all Saturday.

Since I posted this ride report last Saturday evening there has been a flurry of comments, as we normally have. I enjoy writing and posting the report as it records the different rides and gives an opportunity for those that could not make it out a chance to see how the morning went . It also provides a platform for those that did ride to post their comments and share the experience with others. In the main, comments are supportive and constructive. I have found the reports to be a wonderful way to share the cycling experience.

But it is important that, in the supportive spirit that our group has become known for, comments do not cross the line of what is appropriate. Over the last day there have been a number of comments that I feel have crossed over that line. Also, I have received feedback from a number of people in our group who have also expressed their concerns about comments made.

For these reasons, as co-group-leader, I will be deleting comments that are considered to be inappropriate, and ask everyone to consider what they are saying before posting, so that the group can continue, as we always have, to be supportive of each other.

Paul K.

Good move Paul.  I must admit that since I have been unable to ride over the last 12 months, I haven't really followed the GW ride reports, but over the last few weeks I have been taking notice and have been a little saddened by the general tone and attitude sometimes expressed on the page. 

I feel the same Gary as do many others. 

Nicely said Paul. With well over 375 members the majority ride very responsibly and thoroughly enjoy GW Saturdays.

Excellent idea Paul. Thank you

I slept in last week, and found there was lovely gardening weather, so didn't end up riding anywhere at all. Thanks all for the write-up. I read Paul's post last weekend, and am reading the rest now. I won't be out tomorrow either.

GREAT Video Fred - it would be excellent as a Barossa Tourism ad too.

Thanks for all the comments about the ride.

My two cents on the intersections that are discussed above (it sounds like there might have been more that isn't there now). Riding "straight on" at the turn off to Xavier College, I stay left of the shoulder line until there is a painted median between the slip lane and the through lane. Somewhere along that part before the median becomes solid, I find a gap in the traffic and make a deliberate move to cross the slip lane. This minimises the time I am in the lane, and makes it clear to other traffic in the distance which side of me I expect them to be. It's essentially the move described in Kevin's post above, but not necessarily as late as that, and doesn't generally require a stop. For the Sturt Highway crossing, I think a regroup before the intersection, then crossing in groups is best (which it sounds like is what was done). A group is easier to see than an individual, and overall means there are bikes on the highway for a lot less total time. In both directions, it is possible to cross directly into the sheltered right-turn lane.

We are never too old to learn, and discussing our concerns is a good way for us to all improve our skills and knowledge.

Seeing a couple of comments about the bottom of Brereton Road, I think the worst things that I have seen there are the confusion caused when drivers coming from Angle Vale think they are "being nice" by stopping in the middle of the road while the bikes are slowing to give way (as required). Suddenly the riders realise they need to either ride in front of a car, or stop abruptly. Other road users not following the rules don't help anyone.


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