Cold clear mornings equal sunny rides- check.

It was a cold start this morning, which was probably reflected in the numbers, 32 riders. It looked like many people decided to hole up in a warm café or simply stay in bed. Well the upshot of the ride was as soon as we got going we all warmed up and it was a glorious day.

We had three rides on again. A run down the SOB for a 53 ride, a run up to Tanunda with on option of tackling Menglers and a loop back though Cockatoo Valley, 77kms, or just looping back through Cockatoo Valley 61kms.

All went fine, and everyone had a hoot of a time.

To start with we had one of our longest registered members, out for the first time, Kevin.


Kevin joined the group way back in 2011, and even has the top, but has been too busy to come out for a ride, so today was the first opportunity. He chose the SOB as a starter and has a wonderful bike and story to boot. . He rides a fully restored 1982 Campagolo. And what a beautiful  restoration it is. He even has the paperwork to confirm its provenance.
Kevin had a fine time on the SOB and will be planning to come out the GW rides more often.

A familiar face we haven’t see for a few years was Ann ( with Paul in background)

She is planning to come out to more GW rides now, and did the shorter loop from Tanunda and had a whale of a time.

So when the larger group set off for Tanunda, it was pretty cold. Although once we turned on to the bypass, we were in full sun, so it was the start of thawing out. In fact by the time we reached the end of Roseworthy Road to cross over the Sturt Highway, the cold start was a distant memory.

On the bypass there was a bit of a mixed  bag with our calls. There is a wide verge there, and there were some that didn’t call out when passing, in particular on the left. But there were great calls when we crossed over the off ramp. When riding in a group, we need to make sure we have clear calls, so everyone knows where others are.

Life is not always all beer and skittles, but as a close second, it can be bike and quoits. Here is Linda and Ann having a change of pace at the bike hub in Tanunda and setting the standard.


In fact there was a lot of relaxation on the cards with Mark enjoying a bean bag, although the book may not be very handy for directions.

And the girls really were soaking in the rays.

One person who really has come along in leaps and bounds has been Rowdy. Not so long ago Rowdy was a bit reticent to tackle hills on a regular basis. But under the experienced support of Paul he is taking on more hills. In fact, this was the first time he has tackled three hill rides in one week. Great stuff. Also Paul has suggested they take on Menglers next week. No stopping him now.

Some times as we go along we pick up a few extra riders. At Tanunda, Mark sent a text to his dad Trevor, and he was able to meet up with the group, and ride down to Cockatoo Valley,  before heading home to Tanunda at Sandy Creek.

It was good to catch up with Trevor again, as it has been a while since he last came out on a GWs ride. Also, Trevor had had a bit of a mishap recently and hasn’t been able to get on the bike for a few months. So it was doubly good to see him out on the bike again.

So all in all, a great day up in the hills, riding around the beautiful winter vines.

And thanks again to Paul for being TEC.

Until next week

Safe riding


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Yep thanjs Kev.

Will be looking into it Kate so next time there will be a better understanding of the safest option.

Everyone don't forget the safety meeting with Bike SA at the Exchange Hotel in the sports bar. Gawler Wheelers have exclusive use of this room for the night.

Will ask Dave if a few questions can be asked on the night, I'm sure that will be the case.

At the end of the day Kate there is no point being in the right and dead so no matter what the outcome will be self presevation always comes first

The regroup has never been on the other side, i have been with wheelers for 5 years now. You must be thinking the other direction mate. 

I've been riding with GWs sence about there 3/4 ride. And yes we did one use to regroup on the gommie side of the highway. We moved to current spot because of the amount of traffic turning off and on the highway there.

Changed after january 8 2012 , cant remember who it was that commented about the regroup being dangerous with the amount of trucks and cars on that bend 

checked my inbox that is the date i emailed wilson and frank

No Brett you are wrong we did stop there and many said they were uncomfortable with the stop there.

Just because you were not on these rides does not mean it did not happen.

We were having to constantly remind riders to stay away from the edge of the road as it was deemed dangerous.

That is why I repeat myself and say it was a lot safer to stop everyone before the crossing and state the danger then smaller groups could leave. Therefor being less distractions.

One front bunch crash that I saw was coming back from Wasleys on the college road where one of the fast bunch crashed at high speed breaking his collar bone. Before your time I think Fred.  That day I decided to back off that group because I could see that too many riders were trying to keep up when they probably shouldn't. That was a good decision because I was only around 20 metres off the back and had the perfect view when it happened.

Good decision Gary I always say if it doesn't feel right in a group either go ahead or back off.

You have that feeling for a reason so listen to it.

It's also a matter of knowing where to place yourself in the bunch, being familiar with the bike skills of those near you and which riders to avoid. I know that when I was riding regularly, there were riders who I deliberately avoided because their bike control was a bit substandard, and if they were in my group I'd stay well clear, but everyone has to start somewhere and the expertise comes with more experience riding in groups. 

Sorry Brett, absolutely NO race mentality and only 38 out on the day with only a few at this intersection at this stage including me and I am not a racer. Please guys this is not in the context of the day. I felt quite safe and there was very little traffic at that intersection. Terry nothing to do with Strava at all not sure what you even mean by that comment.. 

Thanks Carl
As mentioned later when we are group riding we are part of team and must communicate.

Running low on energy after Lyndoch did not take enough bananas etc so many thanks for the support.

ill add  my 2-bob!

I thought the ride was great but there was ONE point that I wasn't happy with - at the start, as a large group we there were coming down Brereton Rd to the intersection of Jack Cooper Dv- there wasn't much in way of loud calls for slowing/stopping and I had to grab brakes to not run up someone's arse!!  I recall that we have had issues with that intersection before as a group and also with the local traffic.  We all need to understand whether we are on left or right side of leftlane to turn right and also give room so as not to block cars using the left slip lane.  These comments are meant to be constructive so that we can continue to improve our collective safety and reputation as a group of legitimate roadusers.[rant over].

I often find myself riding on my own and am quite happy there, 'enjoying the serenity'.  I do appreciate calls of 'car back' and give the car a little wave to show I know they are there, which seems to be appreciated.

It was a great ride and I really enjoyed the challenge of Menglers! Looking forward to my next GW ride.


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