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What another great day out with the Wheelers. The weather was clear and there was a slight chill in the air, so just right.

It is always great when new riders come out for the first time, and as always, warmly welcomed.

So today, we had Roger, Wade, Daniel, Phil and Adrian stump up.


All have plenty of Ks under their belts, but this was the first time for them riding in a group. All settled in to the rhythm of the group, including quickly picking up how to call back hazards, settling  in to a paceline safely and riding in a group. All good.

As Dave was reading out the safety brief riders kept rolling in.

We started with 34 and by the end we had 39. Just to make it interesting, we picked up another 3 riders along the way. So 42 riders in total, which makes for good numbers across the three different rides we had on offer.

The shorter  ride was along Two Wells Road, turning at Boundary Road, before making your way to Angle Vale. Than back home via the SOB for a 40 km ride

The middle ride was out to Two Wells, Virginia and the back via the SOB for a 64 k ride

The longer ride was the one for a challenge. It took in the Gawler One Tree Hill Road, Black Top Road, Target Hill Road, Cobbler Creek than back home via GOTH road, for a 75 k ride with over 1200 m of climbing.

The shorter ride was led by Dave and initially had five riders. When they hit Boundary one of the new riders felt they were feeling ok,  so took off and  joined up with the middle ride, which was all fine.

This route takes you through Lewiston with some very nice view back across the hills. The group set a nice steady pace and before too long were in Angle Vale. After a quick stop, a return trip back via the SOB.

This ride did have a bit of a twist. Pete R did the ride, but in reverse on his unicycle. He rode along the SOB until Angle Vale Road to Angle Vale,  out to Heaslip  Road than unsealed roads part the way back to the start of the SOB. What a great effort on his unicycle and Pete reckons he enjoys the unsealed road more than the sealed ones, more fun. Also he has taken to riding his unicycle on mountain bike tracks. Now that  is one way of upping the challenge with the sport of  Mountain Unicycling . Pete is never short of a challenge, and there has been plenty over  the years.
Here he is with his unicycle. Great stuff.

The middle ride also had a lot of fun. When we reached the start of the SOB, a trotting horse being taken to the training track looked a little bit spooked, so we all held back until it was all under control and safe to move on.

Once we got on to Two Wells Road, we settled in to nice tidy paceline groups and worked away . In our group Kate, Ashley and Tim took big turns out front as we really motored along. Aided  by a bit of a tail wind, it wasn’t too long before we were in Two Wells for a quick break.

We had just on 30 riders in this group, so as we took off again, we made sure we spread ourselves out a bit.
Almost on every occasion we have done this route, if has rained, but this time it didn’t. Although when we were passing the nursery, just before Virginia, we did get a splash from the sprinklers, so we did encounter some water again!

It was starting to warm up a bit and so we had a quick stop at Virginia

As we headed off down Penfield Road, unfortunately  we were a bit untidy and at times took up more of the lane than we should have. Penfield Road is an awkward road, with some pot holes and at times gravel patches. We need to really be  very careful when we use this road, and make sure we don’t become the hazard ourselves.

As you come off Penfield Road, it’s a sharp turn on to the SOB, and everyone took that in to account. Here is a part of the group crossing over the NEXY before  making the turn.

As we headed back  along the SOB the wind had got up a bit and it was getting warmer. We settled in to little groups and helped each other out. So all good.

The only mechanical for the whole ride was that  I picked up a big nail that lodged in my rear  tyre, just at the end of the SOB. You never like to get a flat, let alone when it’s close to the end of the ride. Thanks to Ramsey, Dave C  and Brendon for helping  with the repair.

In the end a great ride and everyone set a good pace. In fact we kept up a fairly brisk pace all day, and  almost caught up with the group doing the shorter ride!

It was good to also see Matt M out after his accident at a roundabout recently. Please always take care in roundabout, sometimes you can even make eye contact with a driver and they still don’t register!

Also, thanks to Brendon for being TEC, great support as usual.


Six took on the longer more challenging ride.  It was great to have Stefan out again, as he has been tied up with one thing or another. He did most of the ride but needed to bail out at the start of Target Hill road due to other commitments.

It was also good to see Rob out again, as he has essentially recovered from the accident a while ago. As he is easing himself back in to riding he took it fairly  easy doing the first section, and then took a modified route to meet up with everyone back at One Tree Hill.

Overall Craig and Masa set the pace out front, and made it all look pretty easy, which of course it was not.

Although the temperature didn’t get up too much, the wind did play a bit of a role, with some tricky cross winds to cope with.

All in all it was a great day and here is the crew, Simon, Dave, Craig, Rob and Masa ( sans Stefan) at One Tree Hill, with the market in full flight.

So a lot of fun, a good hit out, and thanks to Simon for leading the ride

Back at the Exchange we had our awards, which are supported by the Exchange.

Firstly  Kate. As well as being a pretty good rider, she has also taken on the role of organising the TECs for each ride. This has proved to be a great outcome, as it means that each ride is appropriately supported.

Kate is off for a holiday for a month of two, so while she is away, Michael D will take on the role of organising the TEC. This is great to see.

The second award goes to Rob. As already mentioned, today was his first ride back with the Wheelers, which of course is great to see. Also Rob spends some time working out new ‘challenging’ routes, like today’s longer ride. Well done Rob.

All in all another great day out riding. This week looks like it will be a bit warm, so keep out of the heat. Luckily, the temp looks like it will drop back down for next Saturday, so all good.

Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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