Summer is here.

With a little bit of heat, the riders were out. It was forecasted to be 30 degrees and we had over double that number with 63 riders out.

Unfortunately I had some problems with my camera, so no photos. So please post any photos you may have taken.

We had three rides on today, the SOB and two brand new rides. The first was a double loop of Williamstown for a 67km ride. The other was up and past the Warren Dam and the up over Martins Hill Road for a longer ride. Thanks to Geraint for planning these two routes. Both were really enjoyed and if anyone else has a route they would like to try out, please let us know.

We had two new riders out today, John and Angela. John is currently living and working in France and is home on holidays. He wanted to have a ride and was happily surprised by the Wheelers.
He took on the Williamstown loops and commented, “When I ride in France all the Europeans go on about how good they are at climbing. I’ll
 tell you what,  I’ve changed my mind, everyone here was strong on the hills”.  

Angela also took on the Williamstown loops and came away with smiles, “ I’ll be back”.

The trip down the SOB was again a good ride.
The trip down was pretty fast with a tail wind blowing us effectively to the end. We knew the return trip would be a bit more of a drag, but good team work fixed that. Being Derby Day, Mark F took the lead from the start, and being a proven stayer over that distance showed a clear set of cleats to everyone. Keith was also amongst it,really showing good form.
 In the end we were back at the Bakery well before 10.
The only concern with this ride was the state of the weeds. They are getting out of control with the turnip weed over the bikeway at places. The worst was at the bridge near the end where the weed was covering over half of the path. The whole bikeway needs attention.

The Williamstown loop crew also had a good ride. The wind did play a bit of havoc at times, but was their best friend on the final leg along Balmoral Road. All in all everyone on that ride enjoyed the change of route and new challenge. Great stuff. ( please note Dave did get the directions right in the end)

The ride up to Martins Hill  Road had a solid number taking it on. There were plenty of hills to get the legs pumping. Being a new ride, there was a few that missed a turn or two, but in the end everyone got back safe and sound.
The hard luck story of the day goes to Simon
 who not only broke a spoke, but also had his rear tyre blow off his wheel. In the end he got back safely.

Although there were  no incidents today, one of our regular riders did have a fall on the SOB during the week. As you travel south, the corner just before Penfield Road, the SOB turns at right angles. They came off here, but are  fine with only  some bruises and scratches. So please be careful at this turn, and when you are on the SOB.

At the ride brief I mentioned the move from the Homemakers centre to Pioneer Park/ Visitors Information Centre (VIC). We are finding the traffic around the centre getting heavier and heavier, which will only increase with the new developments  nearing completion.
Council is in the process of upgrading the facilities at the VIC to create a cycling hub. This will have shade, showers, bike lock up, lockers etc. The renovations should be completed by early new year. Post ride, there is also a Farmers Market on a Saturday morning with plenty of food etc, plus the Exchange Hotel as well. Coupled
 with the beautiful surrounds of Pioneer Park, it will be great place to start and finish our rides. We had been planning to make the move first thing January, but a lot of feedback today indicated it would be good to move earlier, so we are aiming for the first ride in December. Should be a good move.

It is good to back on the Adelaide Cyclist Website. We will be using the  site for our ride reports and posting upcoming events. We will also continue with the facebook page for more regular ‘conversations’
Thanks to Gus for establishing and
 maintaining it for so long. Also to the Bicycle Institution of SA for taking on the role of managing the site. Well done everyone

Until next week

Stay safe


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

To join the Gawler Wheelers click here



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Next weeks rides have been posted so please go to the events page.

The Champion Clothing link to orders-

Didn't know Fred was an IT guru.  Great job with the Strava links Mr Ape. Ordered more GW kit thanks to the Champ Sys link so I now have one of everything!  Saturday's ride was short but sweet.  Keith rode very strong.  Its amazing that he had triple coronary stents only 2 months ago.  A living testament to the wonders of medical science.  Shame Derby Day was not short and sweet.  Lost my shirt on the Coolmore.  Oh well, there's always the Cup.  Next weeks rides look great.  Mark F.

The Martins hill rd ride.

It was good to see JB out again, one of the "originals" of GW.

Ramsey going up the first ascent of the day. Yetti Rd.Where the 2016 TDU came through.

Start of Warren Rd the second hill of the day.

Haydn put in a massive effort on the way to Martin Hill Rd doing most of the work, and testing the riders fitness.

Martins Hill Rd was a lovely little climb at the 38km mark .Sue on one of those rare occasions  out of the saddle.

The rest stop on Martins Hill Rd. Kate all smiles and getting stronger each week.

Peter put in a great effort and loved his new kit.

Sue loving the ride with the guys. You had to pick your position well to find the sweet spot for the return trip to Williamstown.

Working well together within the train.

Great pics Fred. Always good too see how the other rides go. This one is a cracker.

Martins Hill Ride

When your morning doesn't go to plan!

Had all intentions of doing the Martins Hill ride this week. Alarm went off at 6, got up and had breakfast. got back into bed for 5 mins while the kettle boiled. Oooops , Haydn quick get up it's 7:20. Out 5 mins turned into over an hour. We luckily had every thin ready so it was chuck on the kit and chase the group. By the time woke up and got going I was well and truly not ready for the longer route so the Willimstown loop it was.

As it turner out I thoroughly enjoyed my ride with Purple. We gave the boys a bit of a run at times giving it a red hot crack. Not too much leeching this week :)

Really looking forward to the changes ahead with the new bike hub and the after ride frivolities at The Exchange.

On a safety note, there are still plenty not stopping at stop signs. STOP means STOP,  not slow have a look and then go. I have processed a couple of expiation for cyclists not stopping at stop signs $427 fine and 3 demerit points. The most common complaint at work is that cyclists don't obey the law and they need to do a test Well we all stop in the car so do it on ya bike. Rant over.

Ride safe all.

It was great to be out with the group again, It didn't matter the distance or detination but just to be there.

The outbound stretch was a breeze with a good average speed, but the return was very different with the wind. Mark, Derrick & Lee did a lot of the work into the wind with a couple of us others taking a turn or two.

Now looking forward to building up and enjoying riding again.

Was good to see you out there Keith.  All the best..

Well done, Bulldog!  Welcome back.

Sounds like I had a similar problem to you Linda. I was looking forward to doing the Martin's Hill route, but didn't manage to set my alarm properly so ended up sleeping in! After cursing for a bit, I went for a solo ride up Lofty and out to some of the beaches. It was nice, but (sniff, sob, sniff) just not the same as trying to keep up with the ballistic mass of yellow and black jerseys. Had to settle for an excellent but lonely pie and smoothie at Glenelg instead. Heaps of cyclists up in the hills and beaches though, nice to see. Will catch up again once I fully master this whole waking up thing.

Are you related to 007 Brad, he has totally perfected his sleeping in technique.


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