Two birthdays and a new citizen so always great fun and company.

The weather was cool, and with little to no wind. Some said a little too cool. The overcast conditions and late light drizzle was not enough to put 34 of us off. 

We had three rides on today, Stuart O'Grady bikeway, one shorter Hills with early climbing, the other up in the hills with a good nice middle distance of Ks to work with.

The medium ride was out to One Tree Hill, across to Smithfield and then back home via Stuart O'Grady Bikeway, for a just on 50km ride with 400 m of climbing. The other was out to One Tree Hill to Golden Grove back to One Tree Hill for a 60K loop and 985 metres of climbing. 

It was nice for both hills groups to quickly meet in One Tree Hill. With the middle distance having finished their climbing. Great to catch Waz and Kaz on SOB as Kaz had other commitments . Thanks to David H for tail end charlie commitments with unfortunately David N picking up a screw. David N other hero Cadel helped plug the hole in the tyre. 

On the way through Munno Para three riders were caught by traffic lights turning yellow just before entering the intersection so were unable to stop and unfortunately went through on the yellow. The slightly damp road would of made hard breaking dangerous.

Apart from this no other safety issues were identified.

Thanks to Denny H for road captain duties again great job in getting all back in to HQ. Not long after the  other hills ride. The longer ride was apparently incident free with reports of some impatient cars passing closely on the leg killer Snake gully climbs and Nick dropped a banana.  Thanks also for helping Denny to the Craigs Energizer and H well done all. Must note generally cars have been well behaved and appreciate our single file. 

Happy birthdays to Paula and Craig!

Congratulations Masa on becoming an Australian citizen on Thursday so happy that I was present.

Until next week

Stay safe




Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Birthday girl Paula, with Linda and Giro!

Some discussion on Paula's kit apparently.

Masa congratulations mate, with Linda! 

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Always wondered if the centre pocket could hold a wine bottle safely.

Dennys team. Think this may be where Nick dropped his banana

This weeks thank you and appreciation awards brought to you by Gawler Wheelers and The Exchange Hotel.

After spending the mornings energy pushing the cranks up hill and down dale we get the opportunity to mull over the morning enjoying a coffee swapping stories. With the support of our generous hosts I am able to recognize members each week and present them with a bottle of wine.

This weeks first award went to Masa. We as a group officially welcomed Masa as an Australian with a roust of Aussie, Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. Masa joined us as a shy Man on a hybrid and has since progressed to one of our elites. With the support of the group thoroughly enjoys being a GW member both on the bitumen and socially. I think we can all agree that there is no better place in the world where we can step outside our door and have this wonderful landscape to cycle. Many more happy rides Mass.

As I mention each week, we recognize our members for many reasons. This weeks 2nd bottle went to Wendy Thomas. Wendy and Kevin have been long time GWers. Wendy has blown us away with her steely determination to return to cycling after having a hip replacement. 12 months ago Wendy struggled to walk without the aid of a stick and since her surgery has built up to conquering hills. She is thoroughly enjoying her cycling and we are enjoying watching her progress. Inspiration Wendy.

Hi, looks like everyone had a good time.

Congratulations Massa and happy birthday Paula and Craig.

I was sizzling sausages as a fund raiser for the RSB at Foodland, under cover, and did see Keith then Waz and Karen zoom past off to the SOB. It was a bit drizzly at the time, so it did show great commitment.

Good to see that Dave N was able to use ' bush mechanic' skills to get home. Always a solution out there if you can think things through.  

Looking forward to next weeks rides, should be a lot of fun, especially the run out to Mallala.


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