Taking in the hills

It was another big day out with the Wheelers, with 45 riders out, with the bulk taking on the hilly stuff through the Barossa and beyond.

It was great to see Tom out after a fair while.

Tom has been busy though on the bike including recently being in Ballarat, around the time of the Aust. Road National Championships. He was able to jag a ride with a bunch of the pro riders, including Caleb Ewan. At great experience and a chance to see these riders up close.

One of the interesting things about cycling is there are always improvements in the gear we can access, albeit at a cost. Here is Kevin and Steve with some very smart looking new bikes.

Notice in particular the twin discs, more sure footed stopping power. Good stuff.

Again we  had three options on, the SOB for a 53 km ride, a run up to Kersbrook for a 74 km ride and a loop taking in Cuddle Creek, 83 kms. All good distances for a bit of a challenge.

After the safety brief the longer ride took off with 25 on this run.

With this ride the majority of the hilly work is at the front end, in particular getting into Kersbrook. From there it was a great mix of terrain including some great scenery. Thanks to Alistair for leading this ride. From all accounts, everyone had a good time.

For the SOB run four took this one on, Glen, Paul, Dave and Paula.

Thanks to Paul for being ride leader. They had a great ride getting back at around 10ish.In fact they secured the double today, no wind and no punctures. They also came across a number of familiar faces, out for a morning spin as well.
One word of warning though, is the proliferation of caltrop around the area.

 With the summer rains we have had, it really has taken off, so make sure you carry plenty of spare tubes, have a good pump and CO2 bulbs etc. A flat can quickly ruin a good day out!

The middle ride had a solid crew of 14 riders. The first section across to Williamstown showed the strength of the group with everyone getting there in good time. Once there you could feel the temp getting up, and everyone was keen to find some shade and then have a chat. In fact the social side of riding with the Wheelers come to the fore, with our stops a good chance to enjoy each other’s company while out and about.

The section across to Kersbrook was a lot of fun. There are plenty of big trees, so heaps of cover, and a few hills to keep you honest. Again at Kersbrook, it was a chance to catch some shade and rehydrate .

The return trip is also fun, with essentially a down hill run. Next stop was Lyndoch, and the pick of the bunch was pretty obvious to see.

The last section home was down Pimpala and onto Balmoral Road. It was starting to heat up, so a more or less straight run through.

Every one put in big efforts, including those building back up from time off the bike, including Keith, Kevin D and Andrea.

Also a great ride from Angela, who took out the QoM.

Thanks also to Linda who was TEC.

We had one new rider out today, Ian.

Ian does a fair bit of riding and lives up in the hills just out of Gawler, so the Kersbrook ride was all good.

All in all it was a great ride, and plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and company.

Last week also saw us all celebrate Australia Day. Some took the opportunity to fit in a ride, while others enjoyed the celebration. Two of the Wheeler’s family that had an important occasion were Caren and Linda, who were part of the citizenship ceremony and became Australian Citizens. Congratulation to you both.

So another great day out, enjoying the fun of cycling in a fantastic region, the whole package.

Until next week

Stay safe,


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Really enjoyed the day out, any sort of climbing still gives me problems but just tackling these sort of rides is satisfying. Had a real blast from Kersbrook being mainly down hill but couldn't stay with the frontrunners all the way to Lyndoch. Having done 128k's for the day the home run after leaving Gawler was a hard slog but all good for a top day.

Once again great report Paul

Top riding Keith a few K's there.

Nice report Paul always nice to hear how the other groups got on.


What a perfect day. For the first time in while we had the chance to ride with little wind. Although it did warm up most of the ride was done before the temp started to rise.

This week I decided it was my opportunity to give back a little of what I have received over the past 3 years. Being geographically challenged TEC is not a roll that I am confident in however I did study the route map and decided this one I could manage. Having said that I spent a lot of time with Andrea and KRB who are not so geographically challenged so all was good.

It was quite an honour and a pleasure to actually experience a ride from a different perspective. The whole ride was lead well and there were no incidents so my job was easy but I was able to take in some awesome scenery thoroughly enjoyed it. At some stage it would be worth while for every one to take the opportunity to TEC at least once. Even if you are not mechanically sound, the ability to change a flat or even duel TEC with some one would be a great experience. I sincerely thank all those in the past that give their time and skills to watch out for us all.

The ride it's self had enough climbing to keep every one interested but not too taxing. A relativly small group but all rode very well indeed.

The reports from the longer ride sounds like it was a winner all round and one to do again. Also great to see that the SOB is available for those wanting a flat ride. Well done Geraint on organizing them each week. 

Never know one day I may put my big girl knicks on and even Captain a ride! You can all stop laughing now :)

Thanks once again to The Exchange for the lovely bottles of wine that we are able to give away. Always a pleasure to reward our members.

See you all Saturday for nmore GW fun.

Thank you for the lovely bottle of wine. It is very generous of the exchange to donate a couple of bottles each week..
I could have given up quite easily towards the end of last year and felt pretty down. I joined this group to get out and enjoy myself, what I didn't know back then was how many good friends I would make and how much I would look forward to my Saturday rides. I know I am now not as strong as I used to be but if I gave up I would be sending out a negative message to all the people who really want to give it a go. It's not about how fast or slow you ride, it's about the wonderful journey and friendships made. It doesn't matter where we ride or where we meet at the end, it's all about enjoying life. Today's ride was exactly that. I thoroughly enjoyed the route and conversations I had along the way.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind words of encouragement, for looking out for me on a ride and for just being the great group of people you are.

Well deserved bottle of wine Andrea. you are such a great ambassador for women's cycling. 


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