Beautiful winter conditions.

There was the threat of early fog, but it was warmer than expected with a bit of cloud to make it interesting. Initially it looked like a low turnout, but by the time David started the safety brief, there were 24 out for a ride.

The longer ride was straight north to Freeling and then Kapunda, before turning south to travel through Greenock, Seppeltsfield and then Tanunda. From there a run back to Gawler, for 93 kms and 816 m of climbing.

The shorter ride was out to Hamley Bridge, before returning via Wasleys and Roseworthy Campus, 69kms and 354 m of climbing.

The longer ride headed off first, and as they were feeling strong, skipped the stop at Freeling and headed straight through to Kapunda. It is a steady climb all the way to Kaunda, especially the last couple of kms where you pass through a few cuttings.

They had their first stop and as they had made such good time the town looked like it was asleep.

Here are Simon, Colin, Jon, Darren, Craig and Dale at the village square.

The next section was down to Greenock, with the road passing through open cropping land , with great views. They had a quick stop at Greenock, in front of the town’s lovely institute hall.

The next stop was the bike hub at Tanunda, passing through the iconic Seppeltsfield, and via an alternative route, which was more pleasant that the main road.

At Tanunda they decided to mix it up a bit by not coming back though Lyndoch. There was no real wind along Gomersal Road so they made great time on this section, with everyone coming in together.

It was a great ride, no mechanicals or problems, with everyone riding together as a group. Thanks to Simon for being the ride leader. Always well organised.

The other ride also had a great time.

The first section up to Templers was all good; no issues and little traffic.

The next section was also good with a slight tail wind helping the group along, plus the clouds lifted a bit and the sun peeked out, which was welcome.

Next stop Hamley Bridge, the turn-around point. For many people this was their first time to Hamley Bridge, commenting on the beautiful old buildings and charm of the town.

Ian and Mark.

Part of the group.

The return back to Tempers was into a slight head wind, pus there were two rises to get over. A number of bunches formed, so everyone worked together, sharing out the effort.

Once the group turned towards Wasleys, there was a slight tail wind and the paced picked up, which was a lot of fun.

Here is the group, before heading off again.

The final section back to Gawler as also a lot of fun. Bunches were formed with everyone settling into a rhythm and powering through, all the way back to Gawler.

It was a great ride, no mechanicals or issues. Thanks to David as ride leader, and Glen as TEC. Glen did a great job ensuring everyone was supported, and again thanks for the jelly snakes. Just the boost you need on a ride.

A special thanks to Haydn across the whole ride. He led out a number of bunches and set a perfect rhythm to ensure everyone stayed together, and set a consistent pace. Great stuff.

Back at the Exchange Hotel, we had our weekly acknowledgment awards.

The first went to Craig. Craig gets out with the Wheelers as much as he can. He has weekend commitments as part of his teaching role, plus he enjoys sailing which also takes up some Saturdays. He took on the longer ride and did very well.

The second acknowledgment goes to Haydn, who was nominated by a number of people.

As already mentioned, Haydn spent most of the ride leading out bunches, at times also circling back to riders who had dropped off a bit and towing them back to a bunch. Haydn is always supportive on all the rides he goes on, including being a ride leader, being a TEC or stopping to take heaps of photos along the way. Great stuff.

Also Simon commented about the longer rides; that they are social rides and if people want to challenge themselves over longer distances , they will not be left behind, so should consider taking on them on. As a segue, the Tour Down Under is only 6 months away, so if you are considering taking on one of the rides, this is the time to start thinking about your preparation. To assist, some longer rides will be programmed closer to the event to help with your conditioning.

So another great morning out with the Wheelers.

Until next week, stay safe


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Was a thoroughly enjoyable ride. How often do you get a flat ride with little to no wind.  Pretty much one  group all ride. Batman set a great pace with a fast ride home. Loved it! Winter at it's best with lush green fields.


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