Getting in to the rhythm.

On a beautiful autumn morning, 62  people turned out for the Wheelers’ rides.

There were two rides on offer, a run down the SOB for a 53km ride and a loop around Angle Vale for a 55km run.

Both David and I were unable to be part of the ride due to commitments around  the National Band competition being hosted in Gawler over the weekend, so thanks to Alan for leading the group. He did a great job.

And here is the group heading off.

The ride down the SOB had six takers, including Steve who has recently moved to South Australia from NSW. Steve is a very competent rider and was able to do some leading on the way back. So well done on your first outing with the Wheelers.

For the longer ride it turned out to be an almost incident-free affair, only one flat.

The run out to Two Wells was its usual quick run with everyone making good time.

Here is part of the regroup at Two Wells

The next leg across to Angle Vale was a relatively quick run again. After a regroup it was full steam ahead back  to Gawler. The lead riders keep up the pace all the way around with many getting back by 10ish. Great riding by everyone, for a well orchestrated morning.

Two people who were out to push themselves a bit today was Andrew and Dave. They had ridden in from Lewiston which added 20kms.

Dave in particular was looking to make it a 100k day by doing the ride, riding back home and once around the block to make up the extra 5ks. He has ridden 100 ks once before but is now looking to extend himself. Great stuff.

We also had another rider out today; Colin. Colin riders a far bit with Haydn, but this was his first outing with the Wheelers. From all reports he rode very well.

Here is Richard and Colin.

Richard is also a friend of Haydn, but has been out before with the Wheelers, so it was good to see him out again.

Also thanks to Paul I for being TEC again. Always valued.

 With the days getting shorter, the lights we use are increasingly important. Chris for one, was sporting an exciting lighting option, projecting a laser image onto the ground. This system provides a very stunning visual cue for motorists, so well worth investigating.

Here is Chris projecting the image on to the wall, and also the pavement.

Last week we celebrated Peter Berry’s 150th GW ride. Well this week it was the turn of Peter Bond to be acknowledged for this 150th ride. Well done Peter; a great achievement and I am sure many more to come.

And the band competition. Today’s event was the marching bands in the main street of Gawler . It was absolutely fantastic  and a whole lot of fun, with everyone marching in time to the rhythm.

Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.


 Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

  To join the Gawler Wheelers click here

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Another great morning out on the bike.

The weather was perfect for this route and there certainly was a good turn out considering it was a 4 day long weekend.

One thing that stands out to me over the last few rides is how everyone is riding so well. Its great to see the newer riders improving and the smile on their faces with their bike fitness improving.

The ride for me was really good fun and it certainly seemed to be over quickly. The group I rode with was back at head quarters by 9.30am. Hearing the encouragement given among the riders a long the way is always nice.

Good job guys and see you next week!

Great Ride with great people who all have the same goals ,that is to have fun and look out for each other

Thanks for these comments Cashy sums GW up really put a smile on my dial and look even more forward to Saturday.


Saturdays never disappoint and this one was another cracker. From the on set it was going to be a fast run with little to no wind.

Settled in warming the legs on the SOB. Was going to have a leisurely ride as had done a lovely undulating route to cuddly Creek on Friday. Just before we exited the SOB Geraint, Haydn and Richard sailed past with a call from Richard "you've just been de-chicked, with a huge beaming grin. Well I was having  none of that. We exited the SOB, Geraint put the pedal down to get to the front so I followed. From there it was great fun hanging on as the stronger boys rotated keeping the peleton moving. What a blast.

After the re-group managed to sit in a great group being encouraged by the 3 amigos (Ramsay, Alan and 007) to have a go at the front. We all managed to keep a nice pace.

The last leg on the SOB was a nicely working paceline with D'Shackle, 007, Ritche, and Alan. Dave R and Giro managed to chase us down and join in the fun. Turning on the trotting track section saw Colin with a flat. Quick hands by D"Shackle had him sorted quick and we sailed back to HQ very pleased with the morning. 

Well done to the GW chickies on Saturday all setting awesome goals. Wendy sailing along with 30+speeds. Andrea and Kate breaking many PR's, Nicola and Tash mixing it with the front runners and to top it off 3 QOM's for our lil Porsche. Really nice seeing the ladies really enjoying themselves.

Was a shame the bakery was closed as there was a lot of beaming smiles with plenty to talk about. 

Looking forward to next Saturday .

Fantastic weather for a cracking flat ride - great pace on the way out and most of the way back.  Yes - there is much more to my rides than the 'ave speed', I really enjoy the company - thanks to all of you in the various groups, the scenery and 'smelling the roses' along the route. 

(im really looking forward to seeing the design of the new kit - Arent we having 'that' conversation on the other GW page?).

always looking forward to riding on Saturday morning.  stay safe!

Have posted some more info on the jerseys and a few points of interest on the link Brett put up.



Another awesome Gawler Wheelers ride !!!!!

On the way to Two Wells I got stuck on my own for most of the way. I enjoyed that though!. Love the "personal space" that you can enjoy on our rides at times. Loved also watching people whizzzz past me or trying to catch me!!

The second leg was totally different. (Variety is the spice of life they say!), Once we left Two Wells I joined a fast bunch and hung on to them them all the way to Angle Vale. They were fast...but I managed to hang on all the way and had a real blast on that leg. Thanks all towing me along.

The last leg for me was all about slowing down a little,...... smelling the roses...... and refelecting on the meaning of Easter.

Got back to HQ by abouit 10.00 and thought to myself..."what a great ride"..."what a wonderful group of people we ride with" and ..."how blessed are we".


Special congratulations to Peter B on his 150th Gawler Wheelers ride. Well done Peter. A few pics below of you on GW journey. I reallly love the first one...remeber it vividly.

Peter meeting his Mum and Aunty at Lyndoch on a GW ride 5/11/2011

Peter....yes he does dress like this on some of the Gawler Wheelers rides!!!!

Peter....when he tries to fit in and is not smoking anything!.


PS....if you ride with us please join the Gawler Wheelers Group by clicking the link below and then by clicking "join this group".



You are an amazing man Frank with you secret files of photos.

Frank - you must have 'lost' the good looking photos of me :-(

Anyone doing the Coast to Coast from Glenelg this Sunday?

Masa and I will be there at the rotunda before the start.


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