Getting in to the rhythm.

On a beautiful autumn morning, 62  people turned out for the Wheelers’ rides.

There were two rides on offer, a run down the SOB for a 53km ride and a loop around Angle Vale for a 55km run.

Both David and I were unable to be part of the ride due to commitments around  the National Band competition being hosted in Gawler over the weekend, so thanks to Alan for leading the group. He did a great job.

And here is the group heading off.

The ride down the SOB had six takers, including Steve who has recently moved to South Australia from NSW. Steve is a very competent rider and was able to do some leading on the way back. So well done on your first outing with the Wheelers.

For the longer ride it turned out to be an almost incident-free affair, only one flat.

The run out to Two Wells was its usual quick run with everyone making good time.

Here is part of the regroup at Two Wells

The next leg across to Angle Vale was a relatively quick run again. After a regroup it was full steam ahead back  to Gawler. The lead riders keep up the pace all the way around with many getting back by 10ish. Great riding by everyone, for a well orchestrated morning.

Two people who were out to push themselves a bit today was Andrew and Dave. They had ridden in from Lewiston which added 20kms.

Dave in particular was looking to make it a 100k day by doing the ride, riding back home and once around the block to make up the extra 5ks. He has ridden 100 ks once before but is now looking to extend himself. Great stuff.

We also had another rider out today; Colin. Colin riders a far bit with Haydn, but this was his first outing with the Wheelers. From all reports he rode very well.

Here is Richard and Colin.

Richard is also a friend of Haydn, but has been out before with the Wheelers, so it was good to see him out again.

Also thanks to Paul I for being TEC again. Always valued.

 With the days getting shorter, the lights we use are increasingly important. Chris for one, was sporting an exciting lighting option, projecting a laser image onto the ground. This system provides a very stunning visual cue for motorists, so well worth investigating.

Here is Chris projecting the image on to the wall, and also the pavement.

Last week we celebrated Peter Berry’s 150th GW ride. Well this week it was the turn of Peter Bond to be acknowledged for this 150th ride. Well done Peter; a great achievement and I am sure many more to come.

And the band competition. Today’s event was the marching bands in the main street of Gawler . It was absolutely fantastic  and a whole lot of fun, with everyone marching in time to the rhythm.

Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.


 Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

  To join the Gawler Wheelers click here

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Well done Fred regarding your time effort on this but the need for a new design? Is the new similar colour. Why is there a need for a new design?

PS i dont want people PMing me stating its none of my buisness because i no longer ride a bike. Once part of a club always will be part. Believe my vids still accesable to the public on show to public my dedication to GW in the past. 

Hi Terry


Yeah we still have all the colours in the jersey they will just be brighter ( not fluro ). The many members I talked to were all concerned about high visibility on the road.

I have one of the original jerseys and they didn't have the white. Somewhere along the way white was incorporated. While the original jerseys stayed similar over the 5 years changes were still made along the way.

The reason for a new design I felt was for a more updated look.

With over 300 members I realise there will still be different views, it's hard enough to get three people to agree let alone over 300.

The process has been a long one but will say the maturity of members comments as well as your own Terry, wether concerned or excited for the change has been pleasing in itself. 

Glad to see you and Christine are still enjoying you travels.   

Hi Fred,  looking forward to seeing a new updated design, but I need to correct you over changes to the jerseys. There were two original alternatives, one with black front and back the other with black front and yellow back. This black/yellow one had white, the other didn't.  Over time, the black/black didn't attract orders, so the black/yellow became the standard one ordered as it was by far the more popular.   There has never been any changes to the two original designs.   Link to original designs by Wilson here

offcourse I wont feel ashamed wearing the so called old kit, why would I feel inferior ?. I never agreed on this for the record, where are the designs?, is this a back room decision by 3 people  eg. no votes?. I posted a thread on the GW page so we could discuss it in a more private manner but no one new to GW even knows it exists,

I am happy you have a new kit but don't be pushing it on me :).

This 'New Kit' idea does seem like its being rushed.
This should really be put to a vote first rather than just being pushed through by 2 or 3 members.

I also think having 2 different styles of kit is a bit silly but that's just me.

I have a few extra questions that will put me at ease :).

I would like to see a image of the kit.

Who is the supplier, where is the money going and are they SA business?

Has Star cycles been notified of the news? does it effect the original jersey with lack of numbers to make it viable? do it effect GW discount at Star Cycles or support for our local LBS, I think Gary should be aware out of respect of hard work done in past and not hear third hand. I probably cannot afford such a  kit, I'm on limited income etc.

Who is the GW committee?, I've been with GW for four year and heard GW council said once when a hard decision was made, those being 7 or 8 GW elders who was selected for there GW passion and advice in times of need. Can we know who the GW committee members are?.

P.s a Group Email, Aka Wilson's weekly style notification done by GW administrator's will update everyone to news.

Brett, having spoken to Fred a while back, he said that while the new jersey would be available on order through his supplier Spincycle clothing, he was agreeable that the new design would be available through our original custom supplier. Prices would remain the same for the new design jersey as before.

Thanks Gary for the info about the jerseys.

We have changed to a different company "Champion Clothing" if anyone wants info about them please google them.

Thankyou, that alleviates any concern of affordability if the old design become obsolete. 

Hi Brett
Paul and I use the GW Council or committee as a group of members that are asked to assist behind the scenes and for advice. Unknown to you on issues I have used you a few times after ride questions or used your online feedback. It's not formal so far it's worked without naming them on a issue nor I think they be named. Basically it's feedback to Paul and I that we then take the can on the decision the two of us make. The buck stops only with Paul and I as the two leaders.

Nicely said Juz. I joined GW and never questioned the Kit. Have worn it with pride, not only on GW rides and will wear the new kit with just as much pride. 


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