Knowing your limit.

Again another great day out with the Wheelers, and some great rides, plus also plenty taking up the options to ride within their limits.

It was one of those days, those Goldilocks days, where the temp was cool, cloud cover and no wind. Just perfect for riding.

We had three rides on offer. In the end an SOB ride over the planned Jack Bobridge path.
A loop up to Kersbrook, 73kms with 845 m of climbing.
The third ride was out to One Tree Hill, 62kms and 969 metres of climbing.

On paper the two longer riders looked very similar. The One Tree Hill ride was a bit shorter, and a little bit extra climbing. The big difference was the extra climbing included three brutal sections.

It was great to see Keith back after a holiday overseas. He decided to do the SOB to get back in to the swing of things again. From all reports he had a good time and building up his bike fitness again.

The middle ride had a great time.

The first section up the Williamstown was good to warm everyone up. There is a  bit of climbing, but once you get up past the Cockatoo Shop you essentially reach the high spot and have a great view over the valley, making it all worth while.

At our Williamstown regroup, and number opted to do a loop back to Gawler from there. They have been working on their climbing and happy to bank the meters gained as they build their climbing legs. Thanks to Wendy for leading the riders back.

Here she is with Kevin, who always pushes the limits.

The main group then headed off to Kersbrook. This is a great section where the road undulates and plenty to challenge.
At Kersbrooks it’s an opportunity to have a break, including checking out the Op Shop. Rumour has it the Dave was keen on buying a onesie, although eventually  passed on the idea.

The return trip was also a hoot with it notionally being downhill. Everyone was able to get into small groups, and with good rotations we all made good time.

As the corner at Williamstown there was a huge spill of grape juice across the road. It was incredibly sticky, and made everyone put out an extra 10 watts of power to get through it. Just something, we need to watch out for during vintage.

The next section though to Lyndoch was also a pretty good run as usual. Once you get up the rise out of Williamstown, it’s a great run down and then  across the Valley floor to Lyndoch. Always great fun.

The run up  Pimpala Road back to Cockatoo Valley is always fun as well. If you get a bit of  momentum  you can essentially get up the next hill. So once you get in to a rhythm, the Ks just slips away under your wheels.

The final section saw most loop to Balmoral Road via Pink Gum , while a few opted to join Balmoral via the oval, as they were close to their limit. Good stuff.

We did have one mechanical on the ride, with Caren having  a major tube failure, blowing the tyre bead right off the rim. Luckily, it was the rear tyre and it happened at low speed, so no complications. Thanks to those that helped with the repair.

 The real standout of the ride was Lisa.

Here she is with her new bike, which is exactly the same make and model as Haydn’s.

She had a great ride and commented how she was really feeling the benefits of a new bike. Asked about the distance and hills, she commented, “ I’ve done the Bupa ride, so this will be fine” Given that Lisa  is relatively new to riding, and there was plenty  of climbing, it was more than just ‘fine’, it was great riding.

Thanks to Norm who rode with Lisa as support.

Norm, like a lot of other Wheelers is riding the Coast to Coast next weekend. This ride is a major fundraiser for the Smith Family. Although many people are doing the ride, the sponsorships for the riders is quite low at the moment. So if you can help out by sponsoring Norm, that would be great. It goes to a very worthy cause!

Thanks also to Kate who was the TEC for much of the ride. In fact Kate has put together a spread sheet to record names of people who will take on the role of TEC at subsequent rides. So please see Kate if you would like to volunteer as a  TEC in an upcoming ride.

The other role we are looking to fill is the ride leader’s role for upcoming rides. If you would like to do this, as Colin did this morning for the longer ride, please let me, Dave or Geriant know.

The longer ride also had a pretty good time of it, with everyone staying together and taking on the climbing with aplomb. Here they are getting ready for the next assault.

One section that really tested the legs was near the end of Humbug Scrub Road. The road dips down steeply and then back up again. There is no opportunity to build up any momentum as you climb out, which they had to do twice. This really tested everyone.

In the end, a great ride, and thanks to Colin for being ride leader and Dave H for being TEC.

It was good to see Mark out again after two years

Mark has been competing in triathlons, so has kept pretty busy. He did the middle ride and was fine.

Also good to see Ian out for his second ride. Ian has been off the bike for a long time and is riding to get fit again. So today’s was his  2nd ride in 25 years. Great stuff and pushing the limits up again.

There are times  we look for that one percent to improve our performance.
Mike M is keen to always find an edge and found some wheel balances online.

The theory is with balanced wheels it gives you an extra 1.5 watts of power. After the ride I asked Mike how they went “ fine on the flat, but not so good in the hills”. Maybe not the advantage he was after.

Finally when we talk about limits, some look like they don’t have a limit.
Many of us have been following the Indian Pacific wheel race. Mike M was following the race tracking app and was able to catch up with Sarah Hammond as she passed through the Adelaide hills last night. At that point she had completed 2779 kms and  was third overall. Mike was able to have a quick chat with her. She said she was a bit tired but was fine. How fantastic is that. Here is a link to a video Mike upload of Sarah.

So another great morning out with the Wheelers and great riding from all of the 47 that turned out.


Until next week, stay safe



Paul K.  



Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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Thanks Paul, what's the idea with the weight at the valve as well? I've never seen one put there before as that's usually the heaviest part of the wheel.

Hi Tim, I'm not sure of the exact specs, although Mike did say the balances have small weights in them ie ball bearings (?) that you add etc to fine tune the overall balance. So it takes a bit of adjustment to get them right.

looked like a stem aero fairing. Wheel magnets are often opposite of the stem


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