There and back.

With close to cyclone winds last Wednesday evening, many may have looked at the radar, spotted the building clouds and opted not to chance it. In the end, the threatening rains held off and for the 18 that were out, it was a great morning’s ride.

The medium ride was out to Hamley Bridge via Templers, returning through Templers, across to Wasleys, then back home. Just on 70km and 354 m of climbing

The longer ride was out to One Tree Hill initially, taking in a number of dead end roads, before heading up to Para Wirra, then across to Williamstown and home. Overall, 75kms and 1,114 m of climbing.

 Dave again delivered the safety brief. Given the wild weather of the previous week, mention was made of potential hazards like branches and pot holes that we might come across. Dave also talked about the dangers we face while riding on the roads, to stay alert and choose the ‘safe’ option at all times.

The longer ride headed off first with five riders. Chris, Rob, Greg, Sam and Phil.

 As they navigated through Gawler they picked up Simon who was running a bit late, so opted to catch up en-route.

After making their way up Kentish Road, they travelled along the Gawler- One Tree Road until the roundabout at Humbug Scrub Road. From here, the ride took in the dead ends, including Shillabeer and Frank Baker Roads.
Everyone enjoyed the quieter roads, different views plus the climbing. They did though have an interesting encounter with a young German Shepherd, being very friendly and wanting some attention. All good.

After the dead-end loops, it was off to the gates of Para Wirra where they met the Primo Riding Group. They took some photos and shared some stories,  before heading off in separate directions.

From there they rode through some very quiet roads that border the Park, before reaching Yettie Road and across to Williamstown. After a quick break, and wishing to keep in front of impending rain (that didn’t arrive) they made their way back to Gawler. All in all a great ride and a great time exploring some new roads and climbs.

Thanks to Rob for leading the ride, everything ran smoothly.

The medium ride headed off, quickly settling into a rhythm, with a number of groups forming.

At Templers there was a quick stop to ensure everyone had taken the right turn.

From there it was as straight run to Hamley Bridge. The wind had picked up by now and it was a bit of an effort. The group broke up into smaller bunches and helped each other out. The first section saw a bit of a climb, before it flattening out a bit.

At Hamley it was a chance to fuel up a bit, the stop was kept short as it looked like rain and everyone was keen not to cool off to much.

The return trip started again with a head wind which saw bunches forming again and sharing the effort out front.

When the group turned to Wasley it was a tailwind with everyone enjoying the assistance.

Next, a quick stop at Wasleys before the final section back to Gawler. The wind continue to help and pretty soon every was back, safe and sound.

Just at the group got into Gawler, we saw a familiar face on the side of the road with Mike taking a video of the group. It was good to see him up and about.

So no incidences at all and a big thanks to Ash, who did a great job as TEC, and the jelly snakes were well received and helped to keep the group rolling along.

Back at the Exchange it was great to catch up with Mike, plus also Kate who had also been out for a ride.

It was also great to see Alistair for a ride. He, Karen and Jane are off to WA next weekend for the Busselton Iron Man event. They have all been training hard for the events, and we wish them all the best.

Until next week,

Stay safe



Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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