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It was another enjoyable day out with the Wheelers albeit some challenging conditions for the last section, with just on 30 out.

The day started with a bit of coolness to it, but with the temperature tipped to reach in to the early 30’s we all knew it wouldn’t be easy. The plan was to get back before the heat set in, but given the two options on offer, this would be a challenge.

The first ride (short) included Cockatoo Valley, up to Lyndoch and Tanunda and through to Nuriootpa. Then the climb up to Angaston, before back down to Bethany, Lyndoch and home. This was a 78 k run and 782 m of climbing.

The second option was out along Balmoral Road, then up Pimpala Road  to Lyndoch before a stop at   Bethany. Then the climb up Menglers, and the run to Angaston. From there out past Penrice before returning via Tanunda, Lyndoch and home. 86ks and 1040m of climbing.

Over time our rides have tended to become longer, and for most people the distance is not necessarily the problem, it may just be the pace it would be ridden at. For the shorter ride we split the group in to two, a medium and moderate pace, this then gave everyone  the option to choose the pace they are comfortable with. And for everyone who took on this ride, it worked a treat.

The moderate group was led by Caren and supported by Wendy T as the TEC. In a twist of back luck Karen C, who had volunteered to do the TEC role had another mechanical problem. This was the third different problem she has had in some many weeks. We all hope the gremlins are being sorted out.

They were able to set a very steady pace, and here are part of the group  at Tanunda.

From there they were able to see off the climb up to Angaston, before the run back down via Bethany and a regroup at  Lyndoch. Unfortunately one person got a flat, and being tubeless it needed some extra attention. From there it was a down run back to Gawler, although there was another flat which was more of a slow leak, so they were able to limp back in to town. It challenging distance, plus the heat for the last section didn’t help, but in the end everyone had a great time.

Thanks to Caren for leading the ride. Here she is with Lisa and Paula.

Also thanks to Wendy for a great job as TEC. In particular for supporting Adam, who was out for his first GW ride. Adam is new to road riding and the furthest he had previously ridden was 50kms. So this ride was really pushing the boundaries for him, and support from the TEC and others was a great fillip for him.

Special thanks also to Matt M who assisted on the ride, in particular with repairs. Here is his well-appointed bike. Looks the ticket.

The medium paced group also had a good time of it and was ably lead by Mark.

They set a good pace out to Lyndoch for their first re-group

Next stop was Tanunda where they took a chance to refill their biddons,  and for many to do some stretching. Here is part of the group just getting to Tanunda.

The next section was the climb up to Angaston. The shared bikeway from Nuriootpa is very picturesque,  especially when you go through the cutting.

Whenever you are out on your bike, you really need to be alert to the things around you. In today’s case it was sheep. Everyone was fine and safely manoeuvred around them.

The group kept on moving along across the ride, in particular with Chris T setting the pace, by leading out the group. It was a very happy group that rolled into the Exchange at the end of the ride, for well-earned refreshments.

Thanks to Mark F for leading the group, he did a great job.

The longer ride set a cracking pace, led by Simon. As they made their way up Pimpala Road to Lyndoch one rider has a major malfunction with his derailleur, which saw the end of their ride. The first regroup was at Bethany where they were able to set up their bikes to make a very nice photo opportunity.

After Bethany a roll around the corner, and then off to Menglers Hill.

Menglers is always a challenge and  Kevin particularly,  was keen to break his PB and go sub 10 minutes, which he did. Great stuff Kevin.

From Menglers it was a run back down into Angaston for a regroup at a cool spot. 

After riding out through Penrice the temperature was starting to get up, so it was decided to roll quickly through the Tanunda regroup and run straight through to Lyndoch.

That was a good choice as it cut down the time out on the road, and they were able to catch up with some of the others from the other ride.

From Lyndoch the wind and the heat had really picked up , so it was a final push back to Gawler and the Exchange for refreshments.

We also had a second new rider out today, Andrew. Andrew settled  into the rhythm of the group and enjoyed the ride

Thanks to Simon for leading this ride. Also Peter B for taking on the role as TEC.

Great stuff.

Our recognition awards for this week go to two people who has pushed the envelope out a bit.

As previously mentioned, Kevin for breaking the 10 minute barrier for Menglers, but for also being very supporting across all the rides he is on including taking on the role of Ride Captain on many occasions.

Secondly, Adam  for pushing out well past his previously furthest distance ridden. It great to see people stepping up the challenge and accomplishing it. Well done.

And finally, as there was no report last week, a big happy 7th birthday call out for the Gawler Wheelers. All those years ago Frank and Wilson were able to organise and run a social cycling group in Gawler. It would be fair to say the group has grown and flourished  and is a testament to all those who come out each week for a ride and just as importantly, a time to get together with friends sharing a common passion. It a great group to be part of.


Until next week,


Stay safe



Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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