Well it was on, then off then ON.

The weather forecast was playing havoc with the planned ride. At the start of the week it was forecasted to be 37 degrees, than just at the last minute, it dropped to 35, so all good for a ride.

Being so close to Christmas if was felt many people would be too busy to come out for a ride, a dozen or so, so  to keep it simple just one ride up to Tanunda. Well we didn’t get the numbers right, we had 65 riders out. It might have been something to do with the need to burn some calories today, before the feasting tomorrow. Regardless, this was pretty close to one of our biggest turnouts. So great to see.

As everyone rolled in, one of the first on the scene was Carl. He had ridden in, and although not doing the ride with the group, wanted to catch everyone to wish them a merry Christmas.

So we hope to see you out with the Wheelers next year.

Interestingly we had one of our biggest turn out of first time riders, six.

First it was good to see John out. John rides a fair bit including commuting to work regularly.

Here he is with Richard (L), his brother in law, who has been out with us before and rides with Haydn most Sundays.

Welcome also to Dave. Dave is out from England, visiting for a few weeks. He is a friend of the family of Keith who was able to lend him a bike for the ride. Good stuff Keith.

Dave was fine with the distance and the route, and the heat wasn’t a problem

Next was Julie. Julie has work commitments on a Saturday morning and today was one of the rare chances she had  to get  out with the Wheelers. She does a lot of the bigger community rides, and knows a lot of GW riders. Here she is  with Haydn and Andrea.

We also had Matt and Shane out

Shane, in particular has been planning to come out for a GW ride, but again work commitments have got in the way. Great to see you both out.

Finally Jenny. Jenny doesn’t live around these parts, but does visit family in the area. A few weeks ago she was taking a ride up to Angaston and bumped in the GW bunch doing that ride. She chatted to Linda et al, who kept in contact, so today she was able to meet up with the group and come out on the ride. Great networking happening.

The ride itself was a great lot of fun. It was fairly cool when we took off and it looked just treat to see a steady stream of riders  heading up Lyndoch Road. As you pass though Sandy Creek there are some big beautiful gums that create a tunnel effect and plenty of shade which was welcomed. By the time we reach Lyndoch though and stopped, we started to feel the heat.

Here is a big part of the group sheltering under the shade.

The next section to Tanunda was also a bit of fun. There are a few rises you need to get over, but with a steady pace, all good.

It was good to get to Tanunda for a bit of a rest and top up the water bottles. Some were feeling the heat and shot off to grab some ice creams. Not too sure how they fit into a nutrition plan!

The return trip back to Gawler is essentially down hill, so it was decided not to stop at Lyndoch, but go straight through. This worked out fine, with everyone getting back well before the heat rose too high.

Well it is Christmas and it’s good to see the festive spirit and colour. Sue brought that in spades. Well done.

Thanks again to Paul I for being TEC. It is greatly appreciated.

So another fun ride with the Wheelers and a merry Christmas to you and yours.

Until next week

Stay safe


Paul K.  

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

 To join the Gawler Wheelers click here




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Nice write up paul xx i was surprised to see the turn up too...love the barossa always but this morning it was magnificent. .she shone bright xxx so lucky x merry xmas all..x
Merry Christmas everyone!
Now who was it asking me what winter apparel I use?
I have found http://www.groundeffect.co.nz
Really good quality & at a good price.

Merry Christmas Pete. Who on earth is thinking winter apparel :)

For the life of me, I cant remember ? :(


Agreed Paul, was very surprised to see such a great turn out. A perfect route for the day. Nor too long with a few undulations to keep you honest.

Funny sort of a ride. With the forecast for 35 deg it was going to be a cruizy ride out for me. Karen, andrea and myself had a lovely chat on the way to Tanunda accompanied by Paul who had to listen to the Chick Chatter most of the way.

From Lyndoch we picked it up having a great ride out with Tash setting a decent pace. 

By time we re-grouped at Tanunda it was warming up so took advantage of a lovely ice cream from Beans and Cream. If you haven't had a chance to go in there yet, you can sample the ice cream delights first. 

The return journey saw everyone sorting them selves into groups and working well. I managed to sit with a good group which worked well keeping a quick pace all the way. I felt really good (must have been the ice cream) and thoroughly enjoyed the quick pace.

Was great to meet Jenny and look forward to seeing her out again in the new year.

A large group stayed around back at HQ just enjoying the morning and mulling over the ride. Many thanks once again to The Exchange for the generous donations of wine for us to give away each week. This weeks recipients have been members with GW for many years and are selfless in there approach to giving time to encourage and support others. Keith and Craig well deserved.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas eve (morning) Looking forward to making many more memories in the new year.

Merry Christmas GW'ers 

Really enjoyed this ride, even though I was solo most of the time it was great to push a bit and see where I am. Big thanks for the bottle of red, it will be consumed with great pleasure.

I'll ride with you Keith when I get back..you can keep me honest...infact you might need go get off the bike a few times so I can rest up lmao...

Things dont always go as planned.

New 'Modern Classic' build (well thats what i'm calling it) in the works. Got sent Shimano brake pads instead of Campag. and they didn't want to fit in. After a bit of 'MacGyvering', got them to fit.

This morning woke up with a bit of a sore back and ended up running late. Got to the meet point 7.40am

Unload the bike, shoes, helmet, jump on the bike & get down the road...the rear Der. isn't shifting properly.
Adjust, ride, adjust, ride, adjust, ride...sorted.
Get down the road a bit more & the rear skewer doesn't want to hold.
Tighten, ride, tighten, ride, tighten, ride...aaaagggh...
Was back at the car by this stage before i got it sorted.
Just a couple of teething problems on a new build...you get that.

By this point it was to late to chase down the group so did my own ride to Williamstown & just familiarized myself with how the bike rides. All i can say is..SWEEEEEET.

Looking forward to meeting this new steed, sounds like a lot of long hours went into the build.


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